Goodwill find

Lookie Lookie what I found at Goodwill. No label on it and it looks obviously handmade. Dont know what kind of yarn it is. Still haf to do the burn test. This sweater does not do justice to the verigation. I will tear this sucker out, wash and wind into balls for somethig much more fun.

Here’s some close ups

Looks like quite a find, and I’d bet that it’s not acrylic–at least not all acrylic, anyway.

wow. good find! great earthy colors and some fuzziness, too! can’t wait to see what you do with it :thumbsup:!

How very cool! I’ll have to look at our local store. How do you take it apart so it doesn’t break the yarn to much?

She shoots…she SCORES!!! Very nice find…have u any idea what u will do with it :smiley: ?!

Well I did the burn test. Curled up on itself, not a bad burning smell, crushable ash. I think its wool. It looks like a blend though. Maybe superwash. Anyway, seams come out very easily. It totally looks handmade (and doesn’t even smell. yes I sniffed the pitts :rollseyes: ) like they got it as a gift and said EW and gave it to good will (can you imagine!) So I’ll have it unraveled in no time.

What to make with it hmmm… :thinking: thisck socks? Funky hat and mittens? OOooh those flip top mittens that KellyK made! :thumbsup:


You leave nothing to chance. Great investigative skills. :thumbsup:

I think those flip top mittens would be great!

What is the burn test? :??

I love the look of the yarn; which reminds me, I haven’t been to Goodwill since fall hit. There’s no telling what bounty awaits me. :happydance:

You done good, girl! :cheering:

What a great find! I bet on a smaller project it will stripe up nicely!! This will be one frog you won’t cry over!!! :happydance:

Oh thats some beautiful yarn!!! Certainly looks handmade… I can’t imagine anyone giviing it away!!!

Their lost YOUR great find! :thumbsup:

The burn test is one way to see if a yarn is synthetic or natural. Synthetic will melt, natural fiber will singe and not smell like burning rubber.

Thanks, Ingrid; that’s good to know. :thumbsup:

It makes sense, now that I think about it. I have an acrylic potholder which someone made me before I ever learned to knit or crochet. I once used it to pull a hot skillet out of the oven, and that sucker melted right onto the handle. I nearly had a big accident. :shock:

:shock: Yikes!!

Great find! I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

Great Find.

I’m always looking for hand knit items but have yet to find one that I liked enough to FROG.


Any progress yet with the frogging?

Hey feministmama (or anyone who knows),

After you get stuff from Goodwill that you intend to frog, do you frog it first and then wash it or vice versa? If you frog first, doesn’t it get all tangled in the washer??

P.S. That may have been a very dumb, obvious question, but take pity on the newbie if it is. :oops:

[rul=,2046,DIY_18180_32905,00.html]This episode of KNitty Gritty talks about repurposing garments…a bit aoubt what kind of things are appropriate to recycle is talked about at the first link about turtlenecks. Does’t say anything about washing that I can see…but I’m sure somone will comment.

I think you can do it either way … but if you wash it after … NOT IN THE WASHING MACHINE!!! If you wash it after, be sure to make it into a skein …without twisting it … so it is a big roundy roundy loop. Tie it every few inches then wash it in the bathtub or a big sink so it doesn’t get all tangled up !