Good yarn for wonderful wallaby?

I don’t want to use encore again but I would still like something washable has anyone washed any swish superwash yet??

I used swish for 2 wonderful wallabys and I like to knit with the yarn, but I found it pilled alot. Every wash I am using the sweater stone to make the sweater look nice again. I probably wouldn’t use this again.

Thank you so much that is what I was afraid of I might try some kind acrylic blend maybe with cotton instead of wool I want to make one for me and my 2 year old and I want them to be super easy care I have 100 more dollars to spend on yarn and I want to make a decision I won’t regret and get as much for my money as possible!!

I know Encore isn’t an exciting choice but I love it for children’s wear because it holds up well when laundered…have you had a problem with it that I haven’t had yet?