Good yarn for cable practice

Ok well i am trying to teach myself to cable. And it seems simple enough. But I think i may be using a wrong yarn… bc it isn’t really showing. The yarn i am using is left over from a hat that i made, it is about 3 different colors of pink plyed together. Gosh i hope i am using the right terms. If you can’t tell i am a little new to knitting. I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for your help in advance.


I think that for practicing and really being able to see your work, I’d recommend a solid, light colour. A variagated yarn (like you’re describing) can also make beautiful cables but sometimes the cable can get lost in the pattern of the yarn.

the best yarn to use would be a single color yarn, worsted or DK weight is fine. No fancy stuff, you can use wool, cotton or acrylic. That way nothing distracts from your cable.