Good yarn choice

I am new to knitting and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good brand of yarn, and if possible where i could buy it

Thank you

It depends where you are, what’s available to you and what you want to do with the yarn. If you just want to learn to knit and make a practice piece, then go to Joann’s, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart or AC Moore and get something inexpensive in acrylic or maybe cotton or blends. Most brands you find there will be fine. Look for a light color, medium weight and smooth yarn, not a fuzzy or furry yarn. These usually have a 4 on the label and you can use a size 10 needle with it. If you have a local yarn store, you’ll find lots and lots of yarn, mostly nonacrylics in wools, alpaca, bamboo, sillk and cotton and more expensive. Get what feels nice to you.

It really depends on what you want to make, who it is for and how you would like to be able to wash it. Different yarns work best for different purposes and need different care.

I’d recommend beginning with most any yarn that is smooth and of a medium to heavy weight that you like and seems appropriate to your project. See what needles are recommended for your yarn on the skein or on a web site. You should probably start out with the needles they suggest but you may find that you need bigger or smaller needles to get the gauge called for than they recommended. That is okay.

There area a lot of good on-line sources if you don’t live near a yarn store or craft store that sells yarn. KnitPicks and Webs, Joann’s etc. have some reasonably priced yarns.

I like to get sirdar snuggly dk. It’s cheap, very soft and knits like a dream on my 4mm straight needles. Also it’s acrylic and nylon so you can wash it.