Good Sock yarn?

I’m planning my first pair of socks. I just need to get the right sort of yarn!
I’m not looking for varigated colours, so…any plain ones are good.

Any suggestions, please?

try smiley’s (

they have cerrvinia calzeterria sock yarn at $3 a ball (2 to 3 balls needed for a pair of socks (medium sock 2/large socks, (tall or wide) 3 balls.

still, its under $10 for sock yarn

70%superwash wool/30%nylon, lots of solid colors.

or look for Paton’s Kroy sock yarn… it too comes in wide range of solid colors, and its under $10 for enough yarn for a pair of socks.

kroy is a bit thinner, the calzetteria is a bit thicker (you can use size 2 needles)

I think you meant The other url took me to an emoticons webpage. :teehee:

Rats…couldn’t find the patons, and the minimum order is $40. :frowning:

Minimum order is 40?

No way. xD I’m a poor 14 year old.
Any other options? xD

Try this thread…

Thanks. =]

Anyways. Gotta get to school now. Only had one snow day. =[

Which do you think would be a better yarn for socks? peruvian baby silk or peruvian baby cashmere?
How do you tell whats a good sock yarn?

Either one would be ok since they’re mostly animal fiber. Sock yarn needs to have a bit of elasticity thats why most preferred sock yarns have a small percentage of nylon in the blend. Otherwise the sock will get stretched out and loose fitting while wearing it. You can certainly use a 100% animal fiber blend since animal fibers are a little elastic too. The baby cashmere would probably be better since silk doesn’t stretch, but the baby silk is only 20% silk so it’s not a huge issue. But the fibers in both of these are delicate so I don’t know how long these socks would hold up. You could knit with a strand of nylon thread to add strength and elasticity! :slight_smile:

Personally, my favorite blend for socks is a wool/cotton/nylon or a wool/nylon blend. I like Jawoll Lang, Dale of Norway Baby Ull, Regia, Sockotta, Lornas Laces, Cascade Fixation and Knit Picks’ Essential or their Bare Superwash/Nylon blend :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Silver.