Good Sock yarn for small Children?

Now that I have started socks. I would like to make a pair for my children. My requirements are as follows:

  1. Must NOT BE handwash only.
  2. Needs to have bright colors that are suitable to a boy and a
  3. Cannot cost too much, they will outgrow them in about 3 months.:mrgreen:

Any help or suggestions? I would greatly appreciate them.:stuck_out_tongue:

I like to use Paton’s Kroy sock yarn…they have bright colors and you can just throw them in the washing machine…

I would say just bout any superwash yarn. And remember that while a skein may be $14, for a small child you could probably make 2 pair in increasing sizes so that when they outgrow their favorite fun socks they have another pair just like them. I remember as a kid how disappointed I was in growing out of a beloved piece of clothing and not having one just like it in the next size up!

Hi, I’d also recommend just doing tube socks for little ones.
That is what I do for my dd so that they last a bit longer.
I let her pick the yarn colors and I have recently started
adding texture to make them more interesting. I also plan
at some point to master stranded colorwork so I can maybe
work a color pattern in here and there :slight_smile:

littleknits is good for inexpensive sock yarns. i’ve found a number of ones you might like there



they ship worldwide and i’ve had good service from them

Lots of cute color combos:

are tube socks just like it sounds? a tube with a toe?

Yep, I basically just take whatever sock pattern I like the look
of and leave out the heel part. Knit it toe up or cuff down!
I just got discouraged knitting socks for my toddler only to
find they were too small after about 3 months haha…ok,
maybe I am just lazy and want to get the maximum amount
of usage out of my knitting! Anyway, she gets tube socks
and nothing else til her growing feet slow down a bit.

well… makes knitting little sock seem not so bad! i was dreading knitting my niece and dd socks only to have them out grow them in a month.

Libbie, I was thinking about doing this for my daughter for my first pair of socks…so if I did the socks from the cuff down, would I make decreases similiar to how you do for the crown of a hat?

Yes, I think you can do the same type of decrease. I usually
do mine toe up with a short row toe so I can’t say for sure.
Basically though, any toe shaping on any sock pattern
will work since the only thing you are doing is leaving out the

Here is a page of different toes you can check :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,
Libbie :slight_smile:

The only thing I’d add to the tube sock instructions here, is that leaving out the heel only, will make the sock very short. I find tubies need to be longer than usual, because the person’s heel takes up part of the length. Hope you understand what I mean by this. The human heel makes a heel bump, which takes up part of the length of the tube. Make sense? I hope so! I think there are patterns for tube socks online. I think I’ve seen a couple. Maybe check at knittingpatterncentral. Have sock fun! samm:)

thanks for the tip samm!

Tube socks?

I am going to search for a pattern. All my hubby and I wear are tube socks. I’m not even allowed by doc orders to wear ladies dress shoes. Tube socks fit my feet so much better than heels that land behind my ankle or under my heel.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for posting the link to knittingpatterncentral. After a number of fruitless searches, I remembered seeing you posted a site and came back to get the info.

I found a great tube sock Thanks.

My only question?

If the sock is sized for a narrow woman’s foot, and mine is extra wide due to missing bones at birth… how do I adjust the pattern so I know it will fit me?


Indeed Samm is correct. I didn’t think to mention you don’t
just leave out the heel but have to make sure you knit a
long enough sock. I never count rows when I am knitting
socks (well, I count after making the first so the second
matches). I just knit and try on until things are the right

Sorry! And thanks Samm for making that clarification!
Libbie :slight_smile:

You can calculate how many sts you need for your foot
with a little simple math. Measure your foot circumference
(a little snugly since you don’t want a loose sock). Get
your gauge of stitches per inch for whatever yarn you are using. Now multiply foot circumference by gauge per inch
and you will have the number of sts to cast on, adjust
stitch number accordingly for patterned stitches. :slight_smile:

Hope that makes sense!
Libbie :slight_smile:

I adjust in the CO sts?
Did I read you right?

Yes, adjust in the beginning. Your ribbing should be enough to make the top stay up!