Good prices on knitting (and other) books

Has anyone used before? It seems like a pretty good deal–$9.95 a month for a book and free shipping. They have a lot of knitting books that are hardback and would usually cost much more. Their search function and categories kinda stink, but you can scroll through the crafts & hobbies section to see what they have.

I haven’t tried it but it does sound like a good deal! Just be sure to check the “fine print”. I always get good deals on books at HALF.COM

I think rebecca belongs to one of those book things…I seem to remember her posting about it before.

Just went and found it…it was CRAFTERS CHOICE This is what I didn’t like about that: Rebecca,
I was soooooo ready to join crafters choice after reading your post. I picked all my books etc, but then I read the membership agreement…catalog every 3 weeks and you have to respond by a certain date to avoid them just sending the editors choice…I just couldn’t do it. I know myself and I am sure I would forget and end up with books I didn’t want! I just can’t be responsible enough in that situation.

I’d like to know the details of yours if you look into it further. :slight_smile:

i belong to Crafters Choice & use the website to refuse the books I do not want. I rarely even open the envelope they send out. They send an email about every two to three weeks with specials & i go on to see what the editors choice is & refuse it right then.

Cool…I could handle that :slight_smile:

Hmm, I was looking around on both Crafters Choice and Zooba, and they’re actually owned by the same people. I think I may try out Zooba, even though they don’t have quite as many knitting books, they’re all 9.95 with free shipping! I don’t think I can pass that up.

I couldn’t find Stitch n Bitch on either site–arrrgh.

There is one right now on for 8.50 HERE

So you’ve never had problems with the denial not going through on the website… when I was part of the Columbia house DVD club, Every month I’d go on the website and deny the Directors Choice… and they still came… did the mial in… they still came… You’ve never had problems of that have ya?

Cause this CraftersChice looks like a nice club…