Good ole cabled scarf problem

Here’s the pattern.

I frogged this so many times and right now I haven’t started it again. I start with CO 33 just like it says and the seed stitch part goes fine. I even put in a lifeline on row 8 before the cable. So far so good and still have the correct number of stitches.

Now the problem seems to be with this line and maybe at this point?:

R9: (k1 p1) 3 times, k4, p2, put the first 3 sts on cable needle, hold at front, k the next 3 sts, then k the 3 sts from cable needle, [color=red]k3[/color], p2, k4, (p1 k1) 3 times.

I always have the correct number of stitches, but for some reason the cable is off center. Should I NOT be k3 after the cable or should there be a k3 before as well? This would throw off the stitch count though.

I just wanted to do a simple cabled scarf. This one with all the seed stitch isn’t all that simple, but it’s pretty. If anyone has another cabled scarf please share it, I had trouble finding them.

Jan, a total of 9 stitches belongs to this cable. The ones that go on the cable needle differ back and forth each time you turn it. That’s how it ends up looking like it does in the picture. In order to see it fully, you need to do a whole pattern repeat which I believe calls for turning your cable twice (In two different ways). After that, you should see how it’s supposed to look. I didn’t examine the pattern in -depth, but a quick scan of it makes me think this is how it ought to be.

Ohhhhhhhhhh! I think you are right, Yvonne! :doh: Newbie strikes again. :roflhard:

Thanks! I’ll give it another try and go farther this time. :wink: :XX: