Good news for once

A while ago, I wrote asking for prayers and good thoughts. I was having medical problems for a year and a half, and was frustrated.

Well, we finally found out what was wrong with me: Gastroparesis. In general, it means that my stomach muscles stopped working to process food. I now take medicine a half hour before I eat anything. But it’s ok. I have an answer, and that’s ok. I had to have one more test that I feel will come out fine; I’ll find that out tomorrow.

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. I still need them; it’s not over, I still have some bad days… But now they are not every day.

Thank you.

I’m glad to hear you’ve finally found out what’s been wrong and have medication to help you!

Hoping for the best for you and that you see positive results soon. :hug:

Finding out what is wrong is half the battle. I’m so glad you have an answer! I hope the meds work and you start to feel better! :hug:

Glad to hear you’re getting back on track :hug: I’m sure you’ll have many good days :muah:

:hug: Good to know they finally figured it out. The mediciation works wonders. My mom suffers from gastroparesis–her doctor says its more common than you think especially with diabetics (she is a diabetic). The hardest part is getting her to remember to take the pill before she eats which is difficult to do being a diabetic–she HAS to eat off schedule sometimes because of blood sugar drops. But all in all it does make her fell better.

YAY! An Answer! An answer that seems like it might provide some relief and some closure to a rough year!

I am so happy that someone figured something out! That’ s awesome!:muah:

Well, at least you have an answer and can start gathering information and moving on. A co-worker of my mothers was diagnosed with that over the summer ! I had never heard of it before him so I did a ton of research. I have included one of the links I thought had some good information on it. He was able to recover and has since gone on to take a mission trip overseas. Best of Luck !!

I’m glad you have a diagnosis. I’m sure that alone makes you feel better! I hope you see more improvement. I read about this last summer. I am almost certain my Mom has this. She is diabetic and her blood sugar is not well controlled. I am going to print out info from the link vaknitter posted. That was great.

Glad to hear you have answers now. :hug:

:hug: I’m glad you have an answer…I hope you feel better soon!!