GOOD NEWS about the newest Firefox!

Happy to report…that the newest version of FF (6.0.1) whooshed EVERYTHING perfectly! All my bookmarks, my toolbar bookmarks, and even my settings!

The download and installation took seconds.

I must tell you…I had a big of angst about it. So before downloading and installing the FF upgrade I did these two things:

  1. I made sure that my [COLOR=DarkRed]old version of FF (3)[/COLOR] was up-to-date (don’t know if this was necessary, but I did it anyway)
  2. I exported all of my bookmarks to a Lexar 512mb flash drive, just in case they became corrupted. (I found an excellent article on the FF help page…a response [I]by a customer[/I] in answer [I]to another customer’s question[/I] about bookmarks being lost if you upgrade to FF6)

[COLOR=Navy]Here is the article (in blue),[/COLOR] in case you’re interested, and I only had to follow the instructions to the thumbsup (:thumbsup:) point because my FF upgrade didn’t lose or corrupt my bookmarks. BTW: the transfer of all my bookmarks to a memory stick WORKED perfectly! I clicked on the flash drive, and there they all are, even the toolbar bookmarks!

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]It’s fine to install another version on top of the old version but if Firefox gets corrupted you could lose your bookmarks which is a pain. Personally I prefer to save my bookmarks on to the desktop or my documents, then onto a memory stick or hard drive. I also put them on a cd.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][B]If you want to save your bookmarks please follow these instructions:[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]With Firefox opened, click on the bookmarks tab >then click on [B]organize bookmarks [/B]>then click on [B]import and backups[/B] >then click the [B]small black triangle[/B] just to the right of the import and backup. When you click on this, a small list appears> click on the one that says [B]export html. [/B] A box opens up which basically is asking [U]where you want to save your bookmarks[/U]. Normally it opens at my documents if this is where you want to save it look to the bottom of the message where it says [B]file[/B], name the name there should be bookmarks >click on the end of the bookmarks message then put the date there so when you create more bookmarks you know which is which (ie 9 3 2011). Just give them all a different date when date is sorted >click [B]save now[/B], look in my documents there should be a [B]Firefox icon[/B] that looks like it is in the middle of a page which should say bookmarks and whatever date you gave it this [U]is your saved bookmarks. [/U] Now if you have a memory stick, put the stick in your USB> when stick opens drag saved bookmarks onto memory stick. :thumbsup: To to put saved bookmarks [U]into a new Firefox[/U] follow these instructions: put the memory stick into USB> open up memory stick >find bookmarks you saved >copy and paste the saved bookmarks [U]to your desktop[/U]> once that’s done> open the new Firefox >click on bookmarks> organize bookmarks >click on [B]import and backup[/B] but this time [B]click on IMPORT[/B] > a box opens which says [B]import wizard[/B]> choose from an html file> click next >a box opens called [B]import bookmarks[/B] [B]file[/B] >just use the [U]drop-down tab[/U] which should be on my documents >change this to desktop> when this is [U]changed to desktop[/U] look for the saved Firefox icon you put on your desktop >click on it >then click [B]open[/B]. This has now [U]put your saved bookmarks into new Firefox. [/U] PS: if you already have bookmarks in Firefox and they get corrupted or don’t work for some other reason, [U]you can just IMPORT them the way I have shown you; they will overwrite the ones already there with the ones you have saved on your memory stick[/U] so IMPORTANT MAKE REGULAR BACKUPS the way I have explained to you: copy and paste this so you always have this copy to help you as always when copying anything from the net scan with your antivirus I hope this helps you out have a great life[/COLOR]

Sounds good! I don’t have a memory stick…I’m actually more worried about losing my password info…Hmm…

Well, the writer called it a memory stick…but I actually used thumb drive, aka flash drive. I used a cheap little itty bitty flash drive (Lexar 512mb) that I bought for $7 at Staples. I normally use them to transfer photos that are going to be printed at a kiosk at Fred Meyer, then erase the flash drive when the photos are printed. So far, the little 512mb flash drive has worked perfectly for that chore!

I can’t tell you if the flash drive would save passwords, etc. I never save passwords. Ever.

I only [U]stay logged in[/U] here at KH and Rav (if that’s saving passwords, then I guess I do save some) Oh, I stayed logged in at Twitter and FB, too.

Okay, I just ran an experiment of sorts:

I closed FF. I put the flash drive into my USB. I opened the file. I clicked on the FF icon. That opened to the saved bookmarks. They were “linked”. I clicked on the KH link from my toolbar bookmarks. I took me straightaway to KH, and I was logged in!

So in that respect, the “save bookmarks” did also save the password for my Artlady1981.

The only thing that I cannot experiment on is: I’ve not had to export those saved bookmarks on the Lexar Flash Drive BACK TO Firefox, as outlined in the article in post#1 at the thumbsup :thumbsup:marker.

But I’m thinking it WOULD SAVE the passwords. It saved my KH log in password, didn’t it? :think:

Well, that’s good…but what I mean is … you know how you can right click on a link and go to properties? I use that description area for my user name, password and anything else that might be forgotten. I don’t have any sites with any sensitive info so it’s always worked for me. I would HATE to lose all that… :zombie:

I update Sea monkey when prompted and I never lose my bookmarks or passwords. I just make sure that the download is finished and then while I am off line I install it. I have used Sea Monkey as my browser since I found it shortly after I got my first computer back around 2002. I hate IE.

I don’t like IE either. I have Google Chrome. It always asks me if I want to save my password. Then it’s one click and I’m in. But I’m lazy. Like Jan, none of my sites are that security sensitive.

I’m glad you got your bugs worked out. I know you’ve been thinking about switching and worrying about it for a while.