Good needles for lacework?

I’m making a Wisp for my mom’s neighbor in Rowan Kidsilk Haze. Very thin & fuzzy. Anyway, what are some good pointy needles for this lacework? (Someone give me a good excuse to get some new needles. :twisted: Like I need one…)

Knitpicks Options are nice and pointy. Addi’s would be good, too.

I just got some Knitpicks Harmony needles and I love them for lacework. Addi as Jan mentioned makes good needles too, and apparently they now have needles specifically made for lacework, but I haven’t tried them.

I love the Harmony needles, too. Just enough polish for good slide, great slim tips and still have the wood grip.

I like cheapie metal Boyes. Size 9 and under are very pointy. Even the larger sizes are too.

Thanks so much everyone! This is my first foray into lace work and I like it so far but I started it with my old Susan Bates straights (the first needles I ever used). I think y’all have given me good reason to get those Harmony needles I’ve been drooling over. Suzeeq, a friend of mine got the Boye interchangeables for Christmas & loves them so far; I may give hers a go before I make my final decision…

Eek. I wouldn’t put Kidsilk Haze on wood needles. Harmonys might be okay, but mohair is soooooo sticky. I’d go for either Options Nickles or Addi, myself. Kidsilk Haze is a bear to frog or tink, too…please don’t ask me how I know! :teehee:

Oh, you’re right about that. I’m not even sure I’d want to use the Harmonys for mohair. I didn’t even pay attention to the yarn you’re using! Addis would be really good for that. It might be worth investing in a set for this project.

As for me, I don’t do mohair at all because I’m really sensitive to it and the tinking and/or frogging is enough to make one almost certifiable. Nope, won’t go there!

You think even the Harmonys have too much grab? I thought I heard they were pretty slick. I haven’t played with them, though.

The Harmonys are slick - much slicker than other wood needles. But the Options are nickle and even slicker. Sometimes I want a little grab to my needles. Sometimes the Options slide a bit too easily for me and I can lose stitches easier.

I am knitting a shawl on Harmonys right now that is 60% wool, 20% mohair and 20% soy. It’s about a heavy fingering to light sport weight. I’m not having any problem, but I also knit very loose.

By my observation (and of course, your mileage may vary), the Nickles are the slickest, then the Addi, then the Harmony, then regular wood and plastic and metal. I personally prefer metal overall, and my preference is Addi for mohair, but I have worked on mohair on both Nickels and Addi. The Nickels are a bit too slick for me with the mohair with the limited lacework I’ve done, or openwork like Wisp, but I can manage it. I like that the Addi has a bit more grab.

You could get a set of Addi needles to try it, or…

If you want to start collecting KPs, get one cable and two sets of tips in the size you need in both Nickel and Harmony.

ETA: the Thalia I’m working right now is on Nickel – I liked it on the Addi better, but don’t have as many sizes as I need for the project, so am working it on Nickel – I’m getting used to it! :slight_smile: