Good needles for beginner

My dh was so sweet and got me a few knitting supplies since I’m always saying I want to learn to knit. He got me a great book, Fearless Knitting, and I’ve been watching videos on here some but haven’t actually “tried” anything yet. I notice most books/videos show straight needles, but the local yarn shop sold him a circular needle for me to learn on.

Is this what I need? What needles should I purchase to get started doing some practice knitting?


They do often use straight needles for beginners, but there’s no reason you can’t learn on circulars. I use circular needles for nearly everything now.

You’ll be knitting flat (not a tube of knitting) to learn so you will have to learn how to turn your work so you don’t join into a tube. It’s not hard though. Just remember that knitting is awkward for everyone at first so just start and keep going. Your tension and technique will improve with practice.


I learned on a pair of wooden size 8 straight needles using some leftover sportweight yarn from a crochet project.

It was enough to get me started. For my first real knit project, I switched to circular needles.

Circulars are fine since you’ll get more use of them. I rarely use my straight needles anymore and most projects (aside from like a dishcloth or narrow scarf) will have you on circulars (or DPNs, but that’s a totally different monster.) :slight_smile: Good luck!

I think circular needles are easier for beginners. You don’t have the other end sticking out, bumping things and getting in the way. If the cord is curly and won’t straighten out, then dip in very hot water for a couple minutes and let it cool while you hold it out straight.

Most people don’t even bother with straight needles after they try circs, they’re just really awkward.

I started out on straight needles, which are great to learn on before jumping on the circular bandwagon.

For a beginner I am going to recommend you stick with the straight needles until you learn your stitches and sides better. Once you are knitting the knits and purling the purls and know which is the right side of your project at a glance, then I highly recommend switching over to circs because they are easy to carry around and are just so comfy in your hands.

Let us know how you’re coming along. The wealth of knowledge here is amazing.

I don’t think you need to switch to straights unless you are really having too much trouble with the circs. Since you already have them I’d give them a try. :thumbsup:

I agree, there’s no reason to use straight ones. I tried knitting on some a while back and found it really really hard. I think a lot of the awkwardness of learning to knit is because of using long needles. You can knit flat on them and will learn how to make knit and purl stitches and which is the right side of your work just the same as with straights.

I agree with Sue and Jan…Use the circular…

My first knitting project was knit on DPN’s, a pair of socks.

Welcome to the club!!!:grphug:

I started with the straight Boye needles from Walmart.Most pairs of straights were under 4 bucks :slight_smile: They are quite indestructible. I’ve since gotten their circular needle set and another set of bamboo DPNs (from another place) so now I just use those in my hair.

The LYS really did you a favor by selling your wonderful husband a circular needle!
Be glad! You are starting out on the right foot!!!