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Making (attempting) a toy bunny for my soon to be delivered nephew:woot:

Divide for Front and Back (there will be 5 sts for each side presently)
K5, place remaining 5 sts onto holder.
Next row Cast on 5, p5, cast on 5 -15sts.

My question is for the ‘next row’, obviously i started with 5 sts, so i sucessfully cast on 5 additional sts, and then turned the work to
purl those 5 sts, but NOW i am confused…
Confusion is that i read the instructions literally and cast on 5 more sts., i am left with the working yarn actually making a ‘line’ below
the original cast on sts, that i purled. So, the very first 5 sts that i began with and the very last 5 sts that i cast on are the only that
seemingly are connected. The 5 purled sts seem to float.

I’m frustrated… I really am bummed i can’t figure it out… i hope someone can help? Thank you in advance.

How did you CO? When it’s where you already have stitches on the needle you do a knitted or cable CO, not a long tail. That way you only have one yarn end so when you CO it’s right where you need to purl the 5 sts.

Have you read ahead to see if those purled stitches get gobbled up later in the pattern?

HI. Most helpful about the cable co, now the last 10 sts are all together…i kept working in St. st. to see how this would work out.
Now that i’ve looked back on my first row that you helped me out with
the first original 5 Sts. that i had on my needle, i can poke my finger
through… it’s like they aren’t attached to that same line of sts. I don’t know if i’m clear here. This is a huge bummer.

I had 5 sts on needle to start. Next cast on 5 sts. using cable CO and then purled them. Next cast on 5 sts and then i the after that I was back to the first original 5 sts that i originally had on my needle, so i purled them too. THe first 5 sts are the one’s that are essentially ‘floating’ as i’d describe it.

The new CO sts should be at either side of the 5 original sts… The instructions weren’t clear, it should really be - CO 5 sts, purl 10, CO 5 sts.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, so I thought I’d try and clarify…more for myself than anything else.

There are 5 sts on the needle. The way I would understand those instructions is as follows:

Cast on 5 sts in front of the 5 sts already on the needle. I would then proceed to purl the 5 sts already on the needle - but I wouldn’t turn, since the instruction is for the same row. Then I would cast on 5 more sts after that.

Is my interpretation wrong? It’s really my curiosity, in case I ever come across a similar instruction…

I think the pattern is worded incorrectly. You CO 5 sts, purl across them, then purl the 5 original sts and CO 5 more after that. That gives you 15 sts.

Started off with 10 sts total. Now, had the following instructions.
Divide for Front and Back
K5, place remaining sts onto holder.
Next row Cast on 5, p5, cast on 5 -15 sts. (now have)
Work back and forth in St st for 9 rows. Cut yarns, leave sts on holder for front.
Sl 5 sts from holder to a 2nd dpn. Work Back kin same manner as Front.

This is for the free pattern from Lion Brand Cuddly Bunny.
I have been trying this exactly like Wenda said and i end up with a hole in the knitting. I just don’t know what to do now. I wouldn’t think these instructions would be so difficult, but i am stumped.

This is the link if you are a lion brand subscriber (free) to view
the pattern i am trying to work on …if anyone has any other helpful
tips on what they think is going on here (see my entries above) i would be incredibly grateful. I really want to create this little bunny guy.

Have you read my other posts? The pattern is wrong. You CO 5, purl them, p5, then co another 5.

Thanks Suzeeq. I should write to Lion Brand letting them know about the correction they need to submit for this cute pattern.