Good lenght for double pointed needles?

Hi All,

I have come across several patterns that call for different size double pointed needles. So I have decided to purchase a set. My trouble comes when I have to decide the length. They generally seem to come in sizes 1-15 (which covers all the sizes I need) and length seems to be between 5 and 8 inces. My questions is what is a goo:knitting: d length.

Personally I prefer the shorter ones, if you’re gonna get a set of the longer ones you could just use a circular needle. And if they’re long they’ll get in the way more. Go with the shortest ones you can find.

I prefer the short ones if I’m going to use them for socks or i-cords. A tad longer is okay for other things, but like Rosefairy I prefer to use Magic Loop or two circs for most circular knitting including socks.

In agreement for the shorter circular, I find long ones keep getting in the way of the other needles. If you want to stay with DPs and knit a larger item a second set of DPs of the same length could be used. There is law of physics or knitting that says you have to limit your self to four or five DPs.

I have seen pictures of sweater being knitted, before circular needles, with what looked like 10 or more DPs.

The 14-inch straights are the ones you need to watch, in my opinion. They can get really heavy. The 7" ones aren’t too bad to use, and are great for skinny projects. If you have to choose between a 14-inch straight and a 24-inch circular - choose the circulars.