Good Knee High Sock pattern?

I need a pair of knee high socks for a costume, but haven’t found any I like in a store, so I decided to knit a pair. Does anyone have any particular favorite pattern they could link?

Cookie A (from Baudelaire and Pomatomus fame) is selling some knee sock patterns on her web site []. Also, I believe the current issue of IK (Interweave Knits) has a pattern for toe up knee length and or calf length rib socks (however, I don’t like the expansion method Ann Budd (?) uses).

PS. Knitty also has a more intricate cable pattern pair of knee socks titled Clessidra.

There’s a good pair in the first ‘Stitch & Bitch’ book. They are multi coloured but look fun.

There’s a decent tutorial on altering sock patterns to make them into knee socks here.

There’s an adorable pattern in the current interweave knits…

Scroll down to the spiral boot socks…