Good grief!

I’m so mad! I was really looking forward to curling up with my kids and a bowl of popcorn to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special. But I have a stupid dinner party to go to at my pastor’s house. I know that I could always rent it, but there’s something special about it being on tv.

So as Charlie Brown would say…AAAuuugggghhhh!

BTW, it’s on tonight at 8pm on ABC.

just wondering, but how come you have to go to the pastor’s dinner party if you are really not wanting to go? :thinking:

But i agree with it being on TV…Its just more special to catch it.

you said, “good grief” :smiley:

If it makes you feel any better, I’m going to be at my kids school, at a cub scout pack meeting with a million excited kids. Santa comes and gives them their pinewood derby car blanks and candy canes. The noise level will be amazing. My head will be aching…

Earplugs Margie, earplugs. (And maybe a nice glass of Merlot?) :wink:

It’s not that I have to go, I really do want to. I’m just bummed about the special being tonight. DH is on the business council for our church and we both volunteer pretty heavily. This is the thank you dinner for everyone and lots of our friends will be there. Without children. :thumbsup:

oh okay, I also thought it might be something along the lines of it just being torn between two things. :wink: Maybe it’ll come on again another day? maybe? a lot of channels are playing christmas stuff…

Dontcha love saying to your kids “When I was your age, we didn’t have cable or VCRs or TIVO. WE had to wait to watch Wizard of OZ or Charlie Brown or Willy Wonka”

I love the Peanuts!!! :inlove:
I know what you mean. There’s just something special about watching when you know everyone else is watching, too.
It might air again this year…who knows?

It’s already been on once. We watched it last Friday I believe. I think it was last Friday. Dh was still in New Orleans, so it must have been. Two words: Tivo or VCR. :smiley:

Well folks, it looks like we get to watch it anyways! Both DH and Olivia have gotten sick again this afternoon. sigh. My house smells like a giant toilet.

It’s official. I have not left my house in 2 weeks, and it’s not looking any better.

But I can watch Peanuts! :lol:

:cheering: :cheering: I saw it too

Well, I’m glad that you get to watch Peanuts, but sorry it’s under those circumstances!! Man, you guys have really had a run of it!! (no pun intended). Hope everyone feels better soon…

ya, I agree with margie…That sucks to have sicklings! Hope everyone gets well soon

How’s this for bizarre?
I was waiting in line to check out at Best Buy and the line was near the fridges… They have one (I’ve seen before) that has an LCD TV in the door :shock:
And lo and behold… the Charlie Brown special was on! So you could say I got to watch a good chunk of it tonight… but via a fridge! :shock: x infinity.

And as a kid I thought technology hit it’s peak with the Polaroid camera where the photo shot out the front and that my dad was full of cr@p when he said, “one day we’ll all have our own phone numbers, like a social security number, and people will be able to call us anywhere on our own phones…” He worked for the Bell System… and back then I pretty much thought “Pfft, whutevr dad…blah blah blah…”

That’s really strange :shock: Man…I hardly watch TV, can’t imagine why you’d need to watch it while you were cooking something…or how you even could - you’d have to be like leaning against the counter eating a sammich.

Tell be about it… my first thought was… who’d drop that kinda jingle on a fridge, and then I could hear myself saying… “Mom? Yeah, hold on a sec, I’m setting the fridge to record Charlie Brown’s Christmas.” :shock:

i wanna say thats just the ultimate lazy…but i don see how it could be lazy…I mean, u should be cooking in the fridge, or standing to eat :?? or you love hanging out in the kitchen. It’s about as useful as putting dvd plavers/monitors on the outside of cars (like they do on those ‘pimp my ride’ shows…they really DO that!!!)

I remember a family I used to babysit for as a teen. They had phones in their bathroom! (This was before cordless.) I thought how rich they must have been to put phones next to the toilet. Now I all I can think is that they were nuts. The bathroom is the only place I get to be alone!

I know several people who have small tv’s in their kitchen and consider it routine. I know that if I’m slicing and dicing, a little distraction would be nice.

well I think it’s different to have a little tv on the counter, but in the fridge…Just seems like you’d have to have a weird kitchen setup to actually be able to watch it. Cause I can understand wanting to follow one of those food network things on tv.