Good grief I have champagne taste on a beer budget!

So, I get my Interweave Knits and see this pattern advertised and I fell in love. Then I see that I need 11, 13 or 14 balls and they are around $20 a piece! :shock: So, thats $220-$280 for one little cardigan. :shock:

yea…pretty…but not that pretty…maybe you could substitute a yarn that’s a little cheaper?

here’s a substitute yarn

i haven’t bought the yarn yet, but i did buy that pattern - it looks HARD! - lots of charts

gah - my builder, when doing work on my home, told me I have champagne taste and lemonade money :wink: I know what you mean exactly, I see things and think they are gorgeous then check the price tags… Definately look for a substitute - that would be an horrific price to pay for yarn. I think I’d only pay that if I had oodles of experience and was guaranteed I’d not make even a little single mistake!

At least it’s worsted weight, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a substitute. And it calls for 50g balls, so if you buy 100g skeins then it’ll be less yarn.

edit to add: I also am knitting Waterlily right now, which calls for 4 skeins of Giotto at $27/skein, so I’m not one to talk. I did get a good substitution, but I’m running out of yarn so I need to buy more. :frowning:

Come sit next to me, I’ll get you a glass of lemonade-or beer if you want but I can’t stand the taste. I’ve found things I want to knit and then I total the yarn cost. Uh huh.

That sub yarn suggestion looks perfect IMO! That price is great too!!! Be sure to let us know what you decide to do.

It’s fun to look for yarn, so, looking for your substitute should be an adventure :wink: LOL, I love the Elann yarn for the sub, too :wink:

:roflhard: I love your title!! LOL

Thats a really pretty sweater I hope you can find a sub for it :thumbsup:

ohhhhhhh…I :heart: that cardi! I can’t remember if my IK sub expired already or if I get one more. I wasn’t planning on renewing, but now I might have to.