Good Granny Square Tutorial?

I am looking for a good granny square tutorial for an absolute beginner crocheter. I found a couple of YouTube, but certain aspects of the videos are hard to see or difficult to see what the demonstrator is doing. Since I am new to crochet, I really need some great crochet websites and resources. Thanks in advance! has good stitch tutorials, has great granny stitch tutorials step by step with pictures, that’s where I learned. Good Luck!

I’ve been looking for a good granny square tutorial too! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Same here… I have been crocheting for years, but never really got my skills down well. I will have a look at the tutorials you suggested and maybe I will finally get it!:slight_smile:

I second crochet cabana’s granny square tutorial. It’s the first one I tried that made sense to me

Check out these videos and there is more than just a granny square video.

Quite a playlist!!!:slight_smile: