Good first lace scarf project. FYI

I was seeing so many lovely patterns for lace and was very intimidated by them. However, I found this free scarf pattern online and it has been easy and rewarding to knit!

That’s pretty, Joy! Thanks for sharing!

Lace has scared me, too, Joy. Yet, I’ve known I’d eventually have to tackle it. That looks like a really pretty scarf, and I’m glad to hear that it’s not overly challenging. I’ll bookmark it for when I’m ready to take that plunge. Thanks! :thumbsup:

Hey, Joy. What yarn are you using for yours? I noticed the pattern uses Microspun. I’ve never tried knitting with it.

i must jump in and say that i think microspun is WONDERFUL. slippery but still very nice and soft. i would think it would be very nice with this scarf.

and being someone who avoids anything that requires much more thought than seed stitch, i hafta say that this pattern looks pretty darn easy…even for me :rollseyes:

yeah i would figger out a way to screw it up…lol

I wanna try it with Joy’s yarn, too. It looks all glittery and prettiful. I’m going to knit it up for my mom’s birthday. So yeah, what is that yarn, Joy?

:lol: I am using left over Red Heart Fiesta Green something. We have extra because my 7 year old is making a scarf for herself with it also.

It is fun yarn and easy wash. I bought it at Walmart.

[color=red]T[size=6]hank you for the encouragement!!![/size][/color]

Happy knitting!

ps… the knitting boo boos don’t show, I am glad

I have that pattern saved to do for my sister for Christmas!! Small world AND…great minds think alike :wink:

That’s lovely! That same pattern was my first lace attempt. I made a lap afghan with Homespun, and it had about 5 pattern repeats across. It knitted up in less than a week!

Congrats on graduating to lace!! :thumbsup:

I had to shorten the scarf by a foot because I ran out of yarn. My daughter did not want to give me any from her stash because she is working her scarf and a seven year old can be strong willed!

Short but nice in any case.

Very, very lovely!! If it’s too short for a ‘full length’ scarf, it can be tied nicely around the neck or you can tie it to a nice handbag with matching outfit…or if not…you can raid your daughter’s stash in the night :wink: …she’s young, tell her about the yarn thieves, they run rampant in the knitting world! JUST KIDDING, I’m not suggesting that anyone scare a child…lol!!

Santa likes little girls who share their yarn!! :thumbsup:

I did not want to take away from her. This is her first project and I gave her the ball of yarn to work with. I started the lace scarf not really knowing how much yarn I would need.

She is very cute with her little needles.

I will be sure not to give anything I might have a use for.