Good first drop spindle

Hey everyone :slight_smile: What would be a good first drop spindle? It needs to be not too expensive and very user friendly. Any ideas?
And do you think it would be worth it to get a learn to spin on a spindle kit, or just get a spindle, a little bit of fiber, and use online vids? I learned almost all my knitting from online videos, so I know I can do that. :slight_smile: Thanks!

ETA: Okay I want to learn to do this, but it seems like it might be too hard. :-/

hi there…got lots of links for you!

spinning on a spindle isn’t that hard…it’s just another thing to learn!
some people think knitting is too hard to learn :teehee:… but it just takes patience and practice as do most other things :slight_smile:

buying a kit VS spindle and fiber really depends on the amount you want to spend. i learned from watching videos and made my own…so i only had to buy fiber

the cheapest spindle is one you can make yourself.
joy of hand spinning,interweave, Diy Network

these are all etsy links with full kits less than 20 + shipping
1, 2, 3

and i think this one is an okay value because of the amount of fiber included

if you want to buy the spindle separatelyhere is one i found for 5 dollars

and mullerslanefarm may have some spindles for sale that you can see here

Hi Rachel! YAY spinning! I recommend the Schacht Hi-Lo. It’s a medium weight spindle (different weights can allow you to spin different yarn weights) and you can use it as a top whorl or bottom whorl to see which you prefer. I think it’s about $18.

Don’t know if it comes with fiber or not, I borrowed the Schacht to learn on and my friend gifted me some fiber. :slight_smile: Also, I recommend Abby Franquemont’s (You Tube) video tutorial and Joy of handspinning’s video tutorial (their website). The book “Start Spinning” is great too.

Have fun, happy spinning!

Where can you buy the Hi- low? Sounds reallynice.

Once you get your spindle & fiber, Abby has a terrific [video]([/URL)on using it.

she breaks it down to the basics.

My first was a 2.2 oz schacht hi-lo and I got it at my LYS for $18, but they dont sell them anymore. :frowning: google it, I’m sure you can find one online fairly cheap.
I’ve heard the best fiber to start with is BFL & if you search it on etsy you can find 1 oz for $2.50 + shipping, cheap. & 1 oz will last a bit, that way you can get different colors too & have fun.
I also got the book, Spinning in the old way & there’s a new one out (same book, just revised & hardback) called Top Whorl spinning, or something like that.

I just got a Golding, google that too, and it’s fantastic! but it’s not something I’d spend the $ on unless I knew I loved to spin. Mine was $73 after shipping :thud:

Schacht hi-lo

There are others if you google. :slight_smile:

BFL is a good fiber to start with, but my personal opinion, Corriedale is better.

But that’s just me! I always have a good selection of Corrie on hand. (and it comes in natural colors!!)

Is top or bottom whirl better to start out?

it’s completely your preference. I thought I’d prefer a top whorl (it seemed like it would make more sense) and ended up liking the bottom whorl better. That’s why I so appreciated the Schacht hi-lo, I could try out either. If your LYS has them, they’ll let you try them out. :slight_smile:

Oh dear. Just watched over an hour of YouTube videos. Started with Abby, watching her spin, then went on to silk hankies, then knitting machines of all sorts (no thanks, I’ll stick to hand knitting). Ended up watching crazy math guy do his schtick, fun, he must be a laugh a minute when he’s off his meds.:wink:

I’ve got to stop following you around, Rachel! :slight_smile:

I have an easier time putting the spin on a bottom whorl, but a top whorl seems to spin a longer time.

I know! Get one of each!!!

Thanks for posting this question Rachel! I have wondered which one I should get too in the past…

Does anyone know of any online videos showing the difference between top whorl and bottom whorl?

videos on the right side of the page :slight_smile: