Good deal or not? and what do I use it for?

I know that even free yarn can be a worthless deal if you can’t use the yarn for anything, or if its too much of a pain to use. Today I found a thrift store that had a bunch of yarn/thread for sale for a quarter each. I bought all of the skeins/balls since it was so cheap, hopefully I got a good deal. The yarns are all Patons Pearl twist and Jaeger Monte Cristo in colors of white, cream, and taupe. All brand new and complete with labels. Was this a good deal @ $10 for 40 50g balls/skeins? and what can I use it for?

blankets, kids clothes, sweaters, washclothes
lots of practice
tons of charity knitting

This stuff is similar to crochet thread but a bit different so I think blankets would be out. I like to make socks but this doesn’t have much stretch. I think both yarns have been discontinued since I can’t find anything online about either one. I am sure something will present itself to this yarn for a use. The gauge is as follows:

Patons Pearltwist=22sts=10cm/4" on 4mm needles US 6

Jaeger Monte Cristo Crepe DK= nothing on the label concerning this.

I found both of the yarns on Ravelry–there were 6 projects listed using the Patons and 12 using the Jaeger, including shawls, cardigans, baby blankets and clothes, and the Jaeger was even used to make a pair of slippers that look like Mary Jane shoes. It looks like both are pretty versatile. I didn’t look at the patterns to see if they are available, but if you are on Ravelry and take a look, it might give you some ideas.

Also, according to the info I found, both yarns are discontinued. I think you got a great deal!

Thanks Marria. I sometimes forget about Ravelry. I should have gone there first to see about it. I will go see what you found there. I was given a very old 1900 era knitting booklet for knitting lace, it belonged to my grandmother. I may see if I can use some of this to learn to knit lace. I was very surprised and pleased when I found my bargain that I just bought it all without a thought to what I was going to do with it. If it doesn’t knit well I may crochet it since I can do that also.

If I see a great bargain I almost never really think about what I am going to do with it. Really, if I never use it I can donate it to someone that will. I’m sure you’ll find something great to use it with! Remember, you can double the yarn and see if that works to make a blanket or something too.:muah:

I have been knitting a blanket for several years and fear I am running out of Patons Pearl Twist. Shade 6103 Lot 54169. Now I know the lot would never match mine but I am curious to know if you happened upon anything in your find that is same shade #.
If so, I sure would be interested in discussing a trade or something.
Pls let me know.

Both would seem to be DK weight. You can make shawls, lacey things (scarves, sweaters), hats, mitts. Quite a lot of things, and yes it was a good deal. My thrift store prices yarn at 45 - 65 cents per ball/skein. Depends on who does the pricing I think, it fluctuates a lot.