Good buy on Malabrigo?

I just joined the Surprise Theme swap and I am very excited. :woohoo:I need some help though. I have been shopping and this looks like a good buy. Is it??

I have never purchased Malabrigo yarn before and don’t have a yarn store near here to compare.

What do you think??

Signed: Confused swapper. :shrug: First time swapper.:hiding:

Looks like a good deal but only if you spend a lot (which I usually do, since I’m paying for shipping).
If I don’t want to stock up from Webs or wherever I’m shopping, I just get Malabrigo from my LYS for about 11.50/skein.
Webs is $12/skein but if you spend $120 (no problem here!) then you get 25% off.
It looks like the website you found has a great deal, you just have to fill up your basket, check the shipping, and see how much you’ll end up paying.
Of course it also depends if you can find the colorway you are looking for!

I have bought (a few times!) from that shop, and her prices are nice, she has great customer service, plus she has a flat rate shipping (just $5.40!~) The more you buy the better the price is per skein. for example, one skein of malabrigo oceanos would be:

Subtotal: $10.75
Volume Discount: - $1.08
Order Total*: $9.67


I can vouch for the Melilla being a GORGEOUS color. Just look at the baby set I made with it.

I agree that is a great price if you are buying a bigger quantity of malabrigo. My lys sells her hanks at 10$ each too. mmmmaybe a sweater???

I just bought 15 skeins of mmmmmm on ebay and paid 8.00 each.

My yarn budget is totally blown for like the next century. So of course I WANT more Malabrigo NOW!!! Even though I have a lot at home, and a lot of other very nice yarns just calling my name. And I can only knit so fast (fast, but not quite as quickly as I can BUY yarn, esp online!)

Who was the seller? I want to buy some…