Good Beginner Project Beyond Scarfs

This is my first post, I’m really excited to join the group!

So I have pretty much only knitted scarfs and rectangles but I want to branch out. Where is a good place to start that won’t be too overwhelming?

Thank you :woot:

It’s a great time of year for hats, mittens, gloves and handwarmers in the Northern Hemisphere.

If you’re a little nervous about double points or circular needles, they’re a great place to start, and if you’re really nervous there are a lot of good, free patterns for straight needles.

Also, if you celebrate Christmas, this is a good time of year to make ornaments. I start students out on double points by teaching them to make a Christmas ball ornament with self-striping sock yarn. It’s a small project you can finish in an hour or two (much less once you get used to working that way.) If you don’t decorate, cats always appreciate catnip-stuffed play balls!

Hats, fingerless mittens or mittens, shawls.


I am super new, like brand new to knitting and I’m using 25mm needles and size 6 super chunky yarn doubled up to make a blanket. It’s actually coming out really nice, it’s going super fast, and the stitches are so big that it’s definitely easier to see where I am making mistakes and how to fix them. Plus it’s so soft I cannot wait to finish so I can use it that I’ve been working on it all day. I’m using Abernathy Blanket yarn in country blue and vintage white and alternating in big block stripes.

Welcome to hsanford and organicdirt.
The chunky blanket sounds like a great knit. I hope we get to see a photo!