Good beginner/intermediate pattern

Hi all!

I hope you can help me in my quest to be a better knitter.

Right now I have the basics (knit, purl etc.) down but I am looking to learn increasing, decreasing and using multiple colors.

Does anyone know some good but generally simple patterns that use these concepts? It doesn’t matter what it is but most of the patterns I see are too complicated.

Right now I am mostly knitting scarves and I would like to move to the next step, although I do not know what that next step would be.


Click on the Free Patterns link at the top of the page. There are lots and lots of them, and most are easy.


Some patterns I’ve knitted or wish to knit:

[color=blue]Knitting on circs & Magic Loop[/color]

Booga bag (knit in the round)

Java Go-Go Coffee cup Cozies (knit in the round)

Sophie Bag

Mita bag

[color=red]Tanks & Halter Tops [/color]

Honeymoon Tank (don’t let the shaping scare you–it was my 1st clothing item & gift. My sister LOVES the tank so much, I need to make another one with a wrap–LOL)

Knit Halter,2025,DIY_14141_4908136,00.html

Cleo–full version (I found this pattern more involved than the Honeymoon tank)

Lippitt ( to knit list)
[color=violet]Simple Sweaters[/color]

Sonia ( my 1st full sweater–[color=cyan]very[/color] simple decrease & increase shaping.),2025,DIY_14141_4291077,00.html

Perephone (On my to knit list)

Tempest (On my to knit list)

Trellis & Vine Scarf/Wrap (cables, lace)

[color=orange]Hats[/color](most w/multicolor work)

Easy KNit hat I

Tychus (VERY EASY hat to make–I used Lamb’s pride bulky, casted on 34 st & began w/ the row using cc & knitting 32 sts before turning)

Easy Knit hat II

Easy knit hat III

Fake Isle Hat

chinese tapestry slip stitch hat

Have fun!

so i’ve got a question about the java coffee cozy thing. i guess i’m the only one since i can’t find any other reference to it on this website but could you- or someone- give me an idea of what the directions are saying? i got confused because there are… lik, 3 different sets of patterns. one is listed under “pattern” and there are, i think, three more listed under each different type of cozy pictured. i understood the one listed under “pattern” but then i was thrown off when i tried to understand the one under the “green version.” anyone bored and want to breifly explain that? i’d really appreciate it. thanks

There’s three separate patterns, one for each cozy in 3 different yarns. What don’t you understand about the pattern for the green one? If it’s the abbreviations, you can go here for some help. MC is main color, seed st can be found under basic stitch patterns -


thanks suzeeq- i actually ended up jus kinda winging it and not really following the pattern but doing it how i thought it was supposed to b done- thankfully it turned out ok. but thatnks anyway! :slight_smile:

I learned to knit in January and made three scarves to start with. Then all through the spring I searched websites that list knitting stitch patterns and made 8x8 inch squares. I learned lots of techniques doing this (although not increasing and decreasing). I did slip stitch, lace, twisted stitch, different cables, tried different cast-ons and bind-offs, all sorts of things, even crochet edging. You can practice intarsia and fair isle with the squares. Eventually I hope it will become a throw for the couch.

Now I am working on a sweater (To Dye For from SnB) and it has simple shaping, increasing and decreasing. I would recommend it as a starter sweater if you have the patience for all stockinette stitch. :oo:

I know this doesn’t exactly answer your question, but I think the squares are good way to practice lots of different techniques and get something out of it, too.

Thanks for all these links!!!
Diane :cheering: