Gonna Try Crochet on the Bernat Blog!


I’ve been SO blessed with this Bernat gig. It took me completely by surprise, and it is a real blessing.

In the past, I’ve received lots of yarn for my charity knitting, and I was always sharing it with my charity knitting friends. And I STILL have a room full of charity yarn at my house. :teehee:

Now, that I’m getting yarn to make things for me and my family, it’s fun to share the leftovers with my friends here in the forum.

I don’t think I will [U]ever[/U] run out of yarn! :woohoo:

I finished two basic washcloths for the blog!
Just single crochet all the way. No spaces or chains to worry about. :thumbsup:

And I’m starting a tissue box cover, using half-double crochet.

Sandy, your washcloths are great…nice tight stitches with no holes and done in sturdy single crochet. Your edges are nice and straight too…great job! Are you enjoying crochet? I sure hope so, because you are good at it!


Thank you, Mary Grace! :hug:
I am a tight crocheter, just like my tight knitting. And my wrist hurts if I crochet for too long. I just need to learn to relax and let the yarn flow. I am happy with the way my projects are turning out, though. :slight_smile:

Sandy, your crocheting is as perfect as your knitting. :heart: the washcloths! I look forward to seeing the bath set!

I love to crochet baby blankets. I work on a knit blanket for about 10 days to 2 weeks, but I can crochet a 36" x 42" blanket in 3-4 days.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


They all look great!! Keep up the good work.

Thank you, my friends! :slight_smile:

And Judy, you’re right…crocheting is MUCH faster than knitting!
My hook is just gobbling up this yarn!

Yes…yarn doesn’t go quite as far with crochet as it does with knitting. Still fun though! :cheering:

[color="#330099"]That’s the kicker. (:roll: at the drop of a pun).

Crochet is often quicker than knitting because of the greater height of each row. It takes about 3 to 4 rows of knitting to one row of double crochet when using the same weight yarn and similar diameters of needle and hook.

Crochet stitches wrap the yarn within a stitch and this makes the stitch and fabric thinker than any knit stitch with similar size needle and yarn. Thicker fabric is warmer and less flexible in how it drapes.[/COLOR]

I [U]am[/U] having fun with crochet! And I can definitely see how it uses up more yarn with every stitch. Knitting just pulls one loop through the holes, but crochet pulls through more, since every stitch is wrapped at least once.

I finished all the crochet work on the washcloths and the tissue box cover. I’ve set aside the seaming until after I make the bathroom rug. I was going to follow the pattern in the book for the checked rug. But I changed my mind when I realized that the checks would not look right in my bathroom.

I’ve decided to just hold one strand of each color together, and knit the rug the same color throughout. I’ll probably add a stripe of a solid color occasionally, just for fun.

The other reason I’m changing designs is that I want my rug to be bigger than the one in the pattern book. I want to cover my floor from the toilet to the door, and from the tub to the cabinet. Our bathroom is tiny, and it just makes sense to make a bigger rug to keep our feet warm and comfy, without having to move the rug around the floor.

My rug will be 36" x 52". Wish me luck!

Forgot to post an update!

Here’s a my completed “wrong way” dishcloth.

And here’s the set I made for the Bernat Blog.

I’m still making a larger rug for my bathroom. I’m going to give the small rug I made to my mother. It will fit just right in her second bathroom.

Nice job Sandi! Love the orange dishcloth…nice and bright and that stitch is perfect for it!


Thanks MaryGrace! :slight_smile: