Gonna be weird post

Yes, this will be a weird post–but I’ll try to keep it as impersonal as possible. Here’s my scenario: I’m a new knitter–started many “things” (baby blanket, scarf, etc.) but never finished anything. I can purl, but I have to really concentrate on it and it’s somewhat difficult for me. Now to the personal part (bet you didn’t know you were therapists, huh): I’m having a really hard time holding myself and my life together due to numerous things that have happened in my life over the summer. Really not sure I can keep going much longer without actually losing it. I do have a therapist and a psychiatrist, and am on medication. I think knitting something calm and tame would help me–maybe in a soft blue or something soothing rather than the bright bold colors I usually go for. I have an 11-month-old grandson who doesn’t really need another blankie, but I’ve never completed one for him so that might be an idea. If it’s too big though, I’m not sure I have the discipline to stick with it. What do you all work on when life overpowers you and you need to escape?

Sorry you are having a hard time. I know that knitting can be very calming. Why not go over to Charity Knitting on this site and maybe there is something you can do to help. Don’t give up. Keep practicing. It will get easier. Will say a prayer for you. :pray:

I can totally see how you use knitting in therapy or for reasons of self-therapy.
A friend of mine who was stationary in a place for sime time was adviced to knit. So: yup, ggod idea.

I like knitting for others but I also like knitting for myself. Maybe you need to make something for yourself? But if it shall be for your grandson that gives some extra satisfaction when given away.

A blanket… well, how about you buy a few tones of blue, that you like. Nice, soft, easy and blue to your heart’s content. I am thinking of 3 tones, maybe another one in a color changing yarn? Just keep them all the same style / type for mixability.

Talk to your LYS about the amount you need for a blanket (for example for a 3 by 3 foot or something smaller…)

And then you knit squares. maybe make the blanket 4 or 5 squares wide, maybe more. You will know how big a blanket you will want - so you do the math how big to make the squares.

Make most of them garter stitch (just knits on both sides) so they are easy and quick. Make a few stochinette stitch to challenge yourself. Maybe make a few that have stripes in the different colors. Or ribs of garter next to stochinette.

Make one that is ribbed ( a few stitches bigger than the plain ones, because ribbing pulls in) and make one in seed stitch or moss stitch, if you like?
The colors you just use to your own satisfaction.

In the end, sew them together to a wonderful blanket that shows all the different colors. That project is not as scary as a whole blanket, but once you achive the goal, you are done. Really done!

The colors you can use by mood. The texture and therefore difficulty you can do by status…

If you ever come to a mood that requires green or red… well, you can always go to bright and colorful, you know? But all blue would be very nice, really.

since you may not always have the intent to go through one piece and then the next: organize several sets of needles in the same size and keep different parts of the project on them at the same time. And if you want to switch: then do. They will all come out at SOME point.

If you want to make a border later on: well, fine, if not… just don’t. The kid will not complain and it is just another style anyways.

Let me express my hope for you that you get yourself together again. Take all the help you can get.

For escaping, I usually don’t turn to knitting, to be honest. I love to knit, but it’s not my escape activity.

To escape, I bake. I journal. I do cross-stitch - big angels and things like that. I read fiction - the more improbable the better. If things get really bad, I clean or garden or declutter. (Taking loads of stuff to Goodwill, or scrubbing the refrigerator, can be very soothing for some reason.) Sitting by a river or creek can be soothing, too.

But for me, knitting is either practical (I need a sweater, or I’m making an afghan for a gift) or a time-filler (waiting for someone). It’s not escape for me.

The reason I started yarn stuff is it’s cheaper than therapy.

Washcloths. Quick and easy.
Do one in seed stitch and you’ll get good at purling.

I was going to suggest a dishcloth, or ‘spa cloth’, something small and portable.

Life can really throw some tough stuff at you, and everyone handles it differently. Good that you have some folks to talk to.

I’ll add my prayers.

Yes, knitting is great therapy. I went through a period where all I could do is sit on the couch and knit and cry. Best thing for these times is something simple, that is easy to correct your mistakes, and does not take a lot of concentration. The blanket is a good idea. At least you are doing something useful, and it helps to calm your nerves.
BTW Mike, did you ever get your thyroid checked?

No, that would require going to a doctor :slight_smile:
I got new insurance which is basically free to go so I started thinking I should go for the thyroid and other things. Thinking about it and planning on it put me into a panic so I stopped.

Mike ,
Please go see a DR about your thyroid. I almost didn’t go to my doctor about a lump in my throat in 1999. It got large enough to block my breathing if I leaned over to tie my shoes. So I went to see my doctor and he did a biopsy by needle and didn’t get an answer as to what was causing the lump. So I had to have a surgical biopsy and I am so glad I did. My lump turned out to be a cancerous tumor inside my thyroid gland. It was starting to send out tendrils of cancer into the throat but had not yet penetrated the gland on its way out. If I had waited any longer to see a DR, I would not be here now. My aunt died from cancer of the thyroid that went to her brain when it exited the gland and went into the body. SO PLEASE GO GET YOUR THYROID CHECKED!!!

When I was in your spot a few months ago, I joined Oddball Charity Knitters. I now knit for Oddball Pet Snuggles and West Coast Oddball Baby blankets. Knitting has done more to help relieve the stress in my life than therapy.
Find something small or easy to knit just for therapy. A scarf for charity, dish cloths for gifts( you would not believe how strong and sturdy these are), whatever your heart and abilities allow you to do. Choose something small and simple that you can complete in a few hours or days. Experiencing the success of having a FO (finished object) will do a lot to encourage you and will lead to the desire toe try bigger more advanced items. Be careful not to start out too big and set yourself up for quiting before you get finished. Let your gut be your guide.
I hope you are on the road to full recovery soon!

Happy Knitting!

PBS…along the lines of what Rhonda was saying, have you ever thought of maybe getting a rescue dog/cat? Sometimes just having a pet that adores you no matter what you look like or how you feel can make a big difference. Just sitting quietly stroking your dog/cat is very relaxing and calming.
I’ll say a little prayer for you and hope your problems get all better soon.

I can’t help the feeling that a lot of us do not just knit to fill the cloth lines.

Knitting is a therapy, a helper, a distraction, an outlet, a relieve. For me it is a constant in my life these days that lets me forget about stress and built up energy. I totally love that outlet and don’t want to let go.

And obviously you have chosen to go this way and asked about it.

So: go and get better!

btw: there are books with titles like “one skein wonders” and so on… projects made from just one ball of yarn. Those might be worth doing. they have stuffed animals, hats, wrist warmers, gloves / mittens, decorational stuff, dish cloth, wash cloth, handtowels, baby things … already pre-selected for one skein / ball only.

And what about baby shoes or socks? there are patterns to be knit flat, so they are really easy. You CAN go creative about them but even plain they are very nice and very useful. And they are quick, really quick! FOs that just fly off your needles in comparison to other projects. Your grandson would love it, too.

You’ve all been so wonderful with great ideas–it’s so helpful to be reminded that others suffer with hardships too. I know it’s really selfish to think I’m the only one with problems, but sometimes I just get so self absorbed that it’s good to be reminded of others. You were all great and had some wonderful ideas. I went to my LYS yesterday and told them to pick me out something–I’m doing a bright green blanket on the diagonal with a teal edging for my grandson. My daughter just changed his “baby” room to primary colors, so I think it will go well wih the new stuff.

There are a few comments I’d like to “reply” to, but I don’t know how. When I click “reply” at the end of their comment it takes me to a repeat of the comment. Do I just scroll to the bottom of their comment to reply, or what do I do?

Again,thank you all for your special thoughts and prayers. Today is a tiny bit better and you’ve all had a major part in that. It’s always surprising how kind and caring people you’ve never met can be when they can identify with your pain.

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Glad you’re working on a new project! That sounds pretty!

Good luck with the project. I am finishing up on an Oddball Blanket myself. I knit the last section and I am crocheting the border now. It will be donated to charity I am also working on a preemie blanket section for the same charity group. when I am done I will sent it on to the next knitter. I get a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from knitting for others. You might want to consider joining one of the groups on charity knitting.

Good to hear that you have your head over water. Keep going this way. The spiral up may be steep sometimes, but it leads you up.

A bright green blanket sounds like a real lifter! Good luck and happy knitting!

Maybe you could start with small things for use around the house in calming colours. This may seem silly but knitting a small dish cloth for washing the dishes was a nice escape for me when I had too many things on the needles and they were all too big and I just wanted to knit something small and easy. The quicker the project the more instant the gratification. Plus dish cloths are useful!

There are lots of different patterns you can try with them too without it being overwhelming. I have 2 right now I use for washing dishes and they are great.

But you could make yours into something more Spa like. A a mall face mask, and a hand cloth made of a nice soft cotton and when they are done treat yourself to a home spa day. Relax in a tub of bubbles with your knits and pamper yourself.

If you still want to knit something for your grandson, hats are usually nice and quick to do.

I hope things get better for you. :hug:

Do you just knit them on the diagonal or what kind of pattern do you use?

I’ve knit diagonal ones but there’s lots of different patterns you can choose from. Here is a nice list.


They have a dishcloth section as well that is really fun to look through.
If you made tone of dishcloths you could always sew them together to make another blanket!!! Your blanket sounds really pretty though. Enjoy working on it.

When I look back at all I’ve gone through in my life knitting is the one constant that always challenges me and brings me such joy and satisfaction. When I think of that I always think of this community of knitters from around the world and how good and kind they’ve been to me. I don’t consider myself much for anything computer/internet related so it is always a surprise how much I love this site and all it’s members. And also how proud I am to be a part of it. So USE US! We are all here for you. You’ll get through this rough patch and be stronger for it. And you’ll have a beautiful blanket!!!
I’m over here in Nova Scotia Canada sending you happy thoughts and lots and lots of love! Think of all the other KH members who are doing the same thing!
We’re like a bunch of freaking care bears…we’re doing the care bear count down…:grphug: :woot: