Gone! Clogs Won't Fit Me - Free

[B]No longer available:

[/B]I made and felted my clogs, removing them from the washer when the soles had felted just a little shorter than the length of my foot. However, the top part is to large for my feet and they are not snug enough to my liking. They are made from 100% virgin wool. The soles are purple, the tops are off white. I used what I had in order to test the pattern before spending a lot on other yarn. I wear a ladies size 7 1/2 shoe. If you have wide thick feetand ankles, these should fit you well.

I’m offering them free to whomever wants them with you paying $4.00 for mailing cost. I just hate for them to hang around when someone else could be getting some use from them.

Email me at lightningsj@juno.com

Darn these huge feet of mine!!! Darn!!! :teehee: samm

I’ll take them! PM me I have PP

These are no longer available.