GoKnit Pouch, available from KnitPicks

Has anyone here used the GoKnit Pouch? If so, can you tell me if it has any small interior or exterior pockets to hold markers, small scissors, etc.? And how do you carry it? Fastened to a belt, over your wrist, hooked to your purse?

I have something similar (the KnitSack, available from Nancy’s KnitKnacks) and love it and take it everywhere with me, but the price of the GoKnit Pouch is so attractive that I’m really tempted. The KnitSack is super-user-friendly, though, with yarn snap, pockets for notions and needles, and a long strap that can go around your waist or over your shoulder. It’s got me spoiled!

Hey Denise, I have it… I got it last fall sometime and wear it on my belt loop or I have it hanging off my pocketbook…It doesn’t have any pockets and I only use it for socks/scarf/mittens… Its nice to use in the car cause I don’t have to have my knitting bag by my fit which cuts into… kids bag and pocketbook space lol… At one time I had 3 skeins of sock yarn, a sock started on DPNS, a pen, and a small little notebook in there… my only problem with it is the top doesn’t pull very tight so there is an opening…I’ve picked it up not paying attention and had a dpn and pen go flying out :lol:

I have the yarn braelet from knitpicks, and I like that a LOT for standing up knitting. Don’t have the pouch: I didn’t like the color, isn’t that dumb?

:rofling: nope its not dumb at all lol I saw it in a magazine before KP started selling them… I got a burgandy color…

Well, actually I’m not in any business (SAHM) but that’s another story. :smiley: Is this just a drawstring pouch with a wrist strap? For $18.00? :shock: I think I could sew one of those in about 15 minutes! The Port-a-Pocket looked like it had room for small scissors and needles.