Going wonky

All it good till I end on row 10. I’m always 5 stitch’s to few. I’m not sure what is happening.

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Sometimes the easiest thing to do is go back over the pattern on row 10, naming the sts as you come to them, the decrease, the yarn over, the ktbl. Markers between repeats will help pick out the sections that don’t have the correct stitch number per section. It should be 9sts/section at the end of row 10.
Maybe posting a photo of the star would help us see the sts?

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Rnd 10: * K1, k1TBL, (yo) twice, s2, k1, psso, (yo) twice, k2, rep from * around – 54 sts.

First the YO twice (yarn around needle two turns) is one possible cause that happens twice per repeat,
and the s2, k1, psso is a double decrease could be a second cause.