Going to try socks

So I’m going to place an order for some DPNs. (My local stores only have 7 & 8)

What size is most common to making socks?

I also need to buy a

11" Circ size 2 (marnie’s pismo hat)–Has anyone made it, 11"…really?
24" Circ size 16 (FT clogs)

So if anyone knows of a good place to get all this, I’d love you forever.

there are many different sizes for sock dpns…I use sizes 0 thru 3, sometimes 4, but not often; there are knitters that use the still smaller like 00 000 or even 0000…I’m a tight knitter so I would never have a need for those…!! At least…I’ve not yet run across the need for these sizes, but I’ve only been knitting socks for a short while…who knows what the future holds :wink:
www.yarn-store.com and www.knitting-warehouse.com are the places that I purchase my needles…both have good prices on the ones I use which are Susan Bates Quicksilver and Inox Pearl Gray

I’ve made a pair of socks using a size US 6 needle. It was with worsted weight wool and with a cast on of only 40 stitches it went so fast!! :smiley:

It was a great, easy, basic sock pattern. Perfect for someone trying socks for the first time. .Here is the pattern.

Other than that, I have only ever used size 3 for socks.

Good luck!!

Hi Sneph,

Try www.purplekittyyarns.com. I’ve had good luck with them for Susan Bates circs in 16" & 24" at good prices (for metal) and the shipping is cheaper than normal. Really good selection of sizes. They are also fast!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an 11" circ though. I’d just use dpns or two circs for that.



I usually use #2 for regular sock weight yarn.

Thanks everyone, I ended up going to shop.com cause they were really the only ones who had all the needles I needed. (Well they didn’t have the 11") but I couldn’t find that one anywhere. I read somewhere on here that most people use 16" for adult hats, so that’s what I got.

I got the 16" size 2, 24" size 13 and size 3 DPNs for $18 including shipping. Not too bad.

And I just placed my order at knitpicks.com for the yarn, I can’t wait for everything to get here. :slight_smile:

Looks like you got a great deal!

Most excellent deal :cheering: :cheering: