Going to real live yarn shop

Does that mean I rule? :?? If so thanks! :lol:

Yes. It’s a mathematical equation (bear in mind I suck at math) you equal rules. :smiley:

Couple of things I can’t live without for knitting are stitch seperaters (little rings that slip on the needle between stitches to let me know where I am in the pattern.) and a row counter, again with a loop that lets me insert it at the beginning of the row so I always know where I am in the pattern. And eventually you will run into a pattern with cables. So at least one cable needle. And of course matching sets of dpn’s for each size of needle I use. Just in case. :wink: Never know when they will come in handy. Oh, and needle guards. I have a cat. Which means sometimes there are fights over the yarn. And stitches get pulled off. The needle guards go on the end of the needles when I’m away from the work to prevent that from happening. I likes the fun tools that make the work go smoothly. :woot:

I already got needle guards as I stabbed a hole in my canvas bag with my pointy-as-heck needles lol.