Going to Michaels

Some of the same yarns that are at Zellers (a Canadian chain) are slightly more expensive than at Michaels, pretty sure…

It must be location to location then…

I don’t like the selection they have either…they drastically reduced sections…and in most cases, the only sections I am going to be in…so I just don’t go anymore.

We have the only Herrschners store in Canada where I am, and I get a “used to be an employee” discount there too…so I steer clear of Michaels at all costs…

Wow…I find that there’s almost too much selection at Miguels compared to Zellers (what I’m used to) I could spend hours petting yarn etc in that place. It’s like a smorgasbord. lol. Plus they have sock yarn. I nearly got some of that, but some stuff I vow to only get at LYS (like fancy sock yarn…if I ever get around to braving knitting socks!)

The one I went to yesterday had even more knitting schwag than the one in Richmond (I think.) but my main beef/complaint is the obscure areas they put those stores out here, none is truly near skytrain/canada line/millenium line or even terrible accessible by bike (mileage isn’t an issue, some highways etc are totally bike unfriendly.) I literally walked 4km to find the Michael’s yesterday and woulda had a 2.5 km hike up a steep hill back if I took the way home that I came (cheated and took two very very sloooooow buses instead.)

Where I’m moving, there’s a Miguels within spitting distance. And a Target. And a Hobby Lobby and…omigawd.

I love that you call it Miguel’s! LOL!

You don’t have to knit only socks with ‘sock’ yarn; you can do shawls or scarves or light weight shrugs or other stuff.

You are an evil enabler, suzeeq.

Michaels may mark up stuff more in Canada than in the US too. I know a lot of stuff has Canadian prices and American prices. You may be shopping for different things than others since you mentioned Girl Guides. I know Hobby Lobby used to be cheaper than Michaels on scrapbooking stuff, but I think they’ve evened out in the last few years. Who knows? Maybe it’s just because I’m at Michaels all the time that I’m partial and don’t pay attention to the others stores!

I have both Michael’s and Joanns here where I am. Have found that Michaels prices tend to be higher than Joanns on the same yarn but they have a few brands Joanns does not. Both have coupons in the Sunday paper flyers, online, and mailing lists. that adds up to a lot of coupons, not to mention their continuous sales.
One thing I like to use the coupon for is magazines unless they are having them on sale at 10% off and you can’t use it. I like some English ones around $10.