Going to Michaels

With my mother tomorrow (probably.) Michaels emailed me a 40% off coupon. What should I use the coupon for?

A lovely knitting organizer.

Or more yarn.

A tapestry needle.

Row Counters.

Stitch Markers.

Stitch holders.

A pompom maker.

some crochet hooks.

Duh, some more needles.

Some knitting magazines like, Vogue Knitting and Interweave.

And a candle making kit for when you get pissed off at your knitting and can’t take it anymore.

40% off of $3 doesn’t do much for me, so I try to use those coupons on something bigger - like a set of lined baskets to keep yarn in!

Yabbut, something $1.20 off regular price is still a good thing…

Get a JoAnn’s coupon too and if you have Hobby Lobby or AC Moore local, get those too. They take competitor’s coupons and you can use all of them in the same transaction. (As long as they know what they are doing. The policy is one “per type” of coupon per transaction and different stores are different types.) Have fun!

Michaels now has Lions Amazing yarn, a self striping wool blend. You could check it out if your store carries it.

I’m in Canuckistan…no Hobby Lobbies et al here…not even Target. :frowning:

At least we have Michaels…

Thanks for the suggestions, Knitting Homies. I have Addis and Options already, more needles?! lol. I have tapestry needles and a stitch counter and a winder and a buncha stuff I ordered from KP that’s waiting for me in Denver.

I’m in favour of knitting storage things (will make it easier to move all my knitting stuff, I hope. And like, oh gods, more yarn.

Does the buying of yarn ever end?!?! :roflhard:

You probably have all the needles you need for awhile, but there are always notions to buy!

Needles sizer
Tape measure
Stitch markers
Yarn needles (tapestry needles)
Coilless safety pins
Notion container

Anything else that catches your eye… :wink:

Does the buying of yarn ever end?!?! :roflhard:

Nope. It’s called SABLE - stash acquistion beyond life expectancy…

I’m there, or at least approaching it. Especially since I know I’ll probably be getting more along the way.

HL doesn’t exist west of the Rockies except in N Utah, there’s quite a few in Colorado. AC Moore is pretty much an east coast store.

I have all of the above except coilless safety pins…what the heck are those? lol.

You can get them in the beading section. They don’t have that little loop at the end that can get caught in yarn. I use them for marking a point that is on the fabric like where I started decreases or noting which side is the front which is important for some patterns. I actually use them all the time.

ETA: they look like this:

Neato! Thanks.

So, my mother opted to work an OT shift (she gets paid time and a half or double… = craploads of $.) so I went to Miguels alone. I walked 4 km (they put Miguels in the crappiest places for car-free types like myself here.) I even got lost twice trying to find it (never been to that location before…)

Bought a buncha stuff:

Lion brand Jiffy x 3 135 yards $2.49 each(clearance)
Pattons Classic Wool x 2 (not clearance, I wish!)
Bates size 2 DPNs
Boye Crochet hook value pack
Boye yarn-on-the-go bag (2 in pkg!)

I like Jiffy it’s nice and cushy. Use size 11s with it and it knits up fine.

Yeah it feels soooo soft I wanna cuddle it lolol.

Cannibalized plastic bins from my storage room, put my wool / silk / expensive yarn in the big bin. Put notions etc in the small box. My cheaper acrylic yarn are in open bamboo etc bins. :slight_smile:

Last time I had their 40% off coupon I bought myself a really good pair of seamstress scissors. You know the ones that cost $40…

And the other time I got the Boye Crochet hook set.

Both times something over $20. Wouldn’t do it any other way…

But here is the fun part…Michaels hands out these coupons like cookies…so they mark their prices up accordingly…

They don’t mark up their prices at all, I’ve heard in some stores the prices are less than in nearby Joanns which also has coupons available every week.

I don’t know…I avoid going there for anything for Girl Guides, cause their prices are so much higher than anywhere else. I will go if I absolutely need to. But that is it.

That isn’t to say that some things are not marked up…

I think a lot of it depends on location. Some areas have higher rents than others and may charge just a bit more. And in Canada you have stores we don’t have here so the competition is different.

I find that the Michael’s here is about the same price as JoAnn’s. The real difference is in the selection. Michael’s is far superior in selection and has much better sales. I used to use the coupons for books but they no longer allow that. I do try to use them on higher priced items too!