Going to go on my first SEX expedition tomorrow

I’m going on my first SEX expedition tomorrow and would love some advice. I have a few projects in mind that I want to buy yarn for, but what about just general enhancement on the stash? If you see something that you love, but don’t have a project in mind for it, how much do you buy? Saying that though, I’m unlikely to be knitting any jumpers soon, so I’ll probably limit my quantities to enough for scarves (I like knitting scarves and trying different patterns and techniques). I’m also hoping to get some good knitting needles as mine are just el cheapos.


Okay, I can’t believe I’m going to ask this question, but exactly what is “SEX”??:??

I was going to ask the same thing!!!

Stash Enhancing Expidition???

:eyes: :psst::psst:STASh Enhancement Xpedition

LOL, that’s right a Stash Enhancing eXpedition! You should have seen one of the girls eyes at work pop out when I told her I was going on a SEX expedition (stash enhancing expedition expedition?!?) this weekend:roflhard:

If you see something you really like but don’t have a project for? Well, you said you won’t be knitting any sweaters. Are you sure, they’re fun! Anyway, 100-150 grams for a scarf or hat + gloves or a small toy or a pillow or a purse. I think all those things could be knit for less than 150 grams of yarn, as long as it’s not bulky yarn.

Thanks. That gives me a guide as to how much I will need.

yeah, I don’t think I will be knitting any jumpers any time soon. I’m working on a big coat atm that I’ve just frogged compeletely and started again as my tension was waaaaaaay off. I’m not a huge wearer of knitted jumpers but like making scarves and what not (and seems as though I’m moving to Ireland soon I’ll need lots of scarves and hats!)


Just don’t let yourself get sucked into buying one ball of something just because it’s so beautiful. You’ll be looking at that one ball for a long time.:lol:

Half the fun of stash enhancement is looking around and trying something new. Get some laceweight mohair for a lacy scarf. Or try a funky novelty yarn. Or a luxurious boucle for a scarf. Just pick colors and textures which you enjoy!

(And add some Addi knitting needles, too.)