Going to attempt the Ugg bootie!

Have you all seen this? Too cute! My friend is expecting this spring, so I should have time :roll: to finish them


Those are really darling.

Very cute, very cute!!

I need to start knitting faster so I can make all of these cool projects that I keep seeing around here :wink:

I just finished both the booties and the hat. Maybe I did something wrong, but they seemed kinda big for a newborn. But then again, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a newborn and I don’t have kids of my own, so maybe I’m misjudging their size!

The picture is here: http://homepage.mac.com/kdavies/B1837585481/C1824858230/E484045077/index.html

Kdavies - those are darling! I only know one baby. But then I could make a pair and save for when my daughter has one, I guess. How long is the foot part? Don’t want to have any more sizing problems!


The foot size looks about right to me… I’ve had 3 newborns. Are you maybe thinking they are too long? As I recall from the episode, the booties were meant to go pretty high up on the shin, so they look like ‘boots’.

Very cute, and THANK YOU for not doing pink or blue. Your new mom buddy will appreciate it. The pink, blue, and nuetral greens get really old, really quick!


Actually, what looks big is the height of the foot area. Also, the hat practically fits me! LOL…a little short, but the circumference is close.

I think I’m going to knit one more bootie and stuff it, then use it as a pin cushion. It’s just so cute!!

OMG Foldedbird, I’m totally off topic, but pastels are just so old for wee babies. I have a boy and what drives me nuts is that almost all boy clothing have tools, trucks (fire, pick-up, police, dump, etc), dogs, planes and sports themes on them. I’m fortunate enough to live in a big city and can find shops that have blue jeans and grey t-shirts and stuff, but man, I thought that stuff was what MY parents made my brother wear.

Just so I’m not off topic completely, I bookmarked the booties. I love them.

I hear ya! If I see one more pink bootie, I’ll scream… just kiddin’.

I’ve noticed Target has some ‘normal’ tot clothes. Even their baby clothes aren’t so bad.