Going shopping -- needle opinions needed

I would love to get the Knit Picks Options, but they’re not an option (HA) right now … DH and my in-laws gave me gift certificates to my LYS. I’m going there today. I have not attempted socks or knitting in the round yet, but I am ready to try.

Let me first tell you what I have in the way of circs (DH bought me some for Christmas too, but had no idea what he was getting/what I needed) …

They’re addi Turbos …

US9 24"
US11 24"
US7 20"

All of these can be returned/exchanged. I also have a set of US9 20" (also addi Turbos) that I bought, but have never used. Oh, and I have a set of US3 DPNs that I bought to try socks, but haven’t used them yet either.

I was watching Amy’s videos about magic loop knitting and that looked simple enough, but I’m not totally sure yet that I don’t want to at least try DPNs.

So … I have a fair amount of $$ to spend (also want to get some yarn, of course!) … what size needles do you recommend?

Should I keep the circs that I have or return them for other sizes? Like I said, the Knit Picks set is not a possibility yet (and it will probably be a while) but I don’t want to wait to get started with these techniques.

I hope I am making sense :slight_smile:

I’d pick up a size 9 16 inch Addi. That would be the last one I would give up if someone were forced to take my Addis away!

And given that I am an Addi junkie, I wouldn’t bring any back! I want almost every one I see!


Have you looked at the price of the Options??? They can be had for the cost of less than 4 Addi’s (at LYS prices) and give you INFINATE options (no pun intended)!!! Believe me, I am a die hard Addi fan, I’ve had my Options for less than a week and can’t believe I didn’t get them long before.
I’ve poured tons of money into Addis, I was soured on interchangablesw by my Denise but now, although I still think Addis are great, wish I had gone with the options LONG ago.

You’re making perfect sense! :wink:

I would exchange the Addis for longer cords; at least 32" but 40" would be even better. That way you can use them for everything (with magic loop) whereas with the shorter cords you are more restricted to projects that fit the length.

I think 20" would be okay for hats, you don’t have to use 16s. But if you have cash and not a gift certificate, yeah, get the options interchangeable set. Addis run $12-20 each and the options are $60 and there’s free shipping. You can also throw in some yarn while you’re at it…