Going round in triangles

Hi All,
I am an experienced knitter returning to knitting after a long absence.
I am determined this pattern won’t beat me (:thinking::triumph:)
This is a Sirdar pattern fir a baby blanket which I have knitted before, hence my frustration it consists of a row of base triangles which are then worked to form a hatch patten.
After casting on 96 sts. The instructions work on 2 sts of the 1st. Triangle to make 12 sts forming a triangle. Without turning on a purl row the instructions then say ‘put maker after last st’. It does not instruct to break yarn.
It then instructs to say work across remaining 84 sts on the left needle to make 7 more base triangles.
However because the yarn is attached it just doesn’t form a true triangle like the first
I haven’t made any notes on the pattern so I imagine the last time I knitted it I didn’t have any problems. HELP !
Any advice will be appreciated.
Kind Regards

Welcome to KH. Is this entrelac? What pattern is it? I for one need to see what it should like.

Hi Grumpy Grandma, thanks for responding Idont know what entralec is, this is a Sirdar pattern. I’m in UK. The image isn’t great but you can see the triangles that form the base at the level of the word Stylecraft.
Kindest Regards

Welcome to KH!
Yes, GG is right, this is entrelac. You’ll be knitting tiers across the blanket, first triangles and then rectangles with small side triangles.
This is one of the best tutorials I’ve come across. It’s worth adding your email address and downloading.

If you think it might help, you could upload a photo of your knitted triangle.

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Hi Salmon Mac,
Thank you so much, that is a great help. It turns out I was doing it right but it looks different on the needles !
I was frustrated because I wanted to get stuck into my pattern, ( especially in the wake of Covid19) I have learnt something new ( entraloc ) and the method knits so easily because you are only on 12 stitches at any time.
Kind Regards
Take care all :+1::pray:t2:

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Looking good!
It’s a great technique to have and it looks so impressive. Have fun with it.