Going on a trip

So I just learned last night that I’m going to be going on a trip to Pittsburgh to see my brother, Jake. I’m super excited!! :slight_smile: I’m wondering, does anyone know of any good lys there? If so, I would love to check one out, I’ve never really been to one, bc our small town doesn’t have one. Also, do any of ya’ll know what the policy is of the TSA allowing knitting/crocheting on a plane? I just don’t want to bring my knitting or something only for them to take it up. Any advice would be awesome!! Thanks!! :slight_smile:

My understanding of TSA rules is that you are allowed to take knitting needles on domestic flights. You might consult their Web site or call an airport just to make sure, though. Often people have the rule about allowing knitting needles on planes printed out just in case some uninformed worker gives them flak about it.

A quick search online turned up Knit One in Pittsburgh, PA (if that’s the Pittsburgh you’re talking about): http://www.knitone.biz/. It looks like a neat store, but I also found a few others just by searching for the name of the city and “yarn.” You also might look through the online yellow pages.

I hope you have a wonderful, fun, yarn-filled trip! Oh, and enjoy visiting your brother, too. :wink:

I’ve not had any questions about bringing knitting needles (circulars) on a flight, even internationally but Antares is right, it never hurts to carry the rules with you and to check online before you go to the airport. I leave my scissors in checked baggage.

I was not allowed to take my needles on two different flights even though I’d verified ahead of time that it was allowed :frowning:

That’s what I’m afraid of happening with me. I don’t want to lose any yarn, projects or needles bc of TSA. I’m wondering if a crochet hook might be less threatening lol.

Really, we’re going to need signed affidavits soon. In what airport were you stopped?
CK83, you’d only have to give up needles, not lose your project and yarn, too. Not that losing the needles isn’t a major pain.

I would die if the TSA people took my knitting stuff. Therefore, I check the [U]most current list[/U] of acceptable carry-on items…for every country I’ll be in.

So funny…the dudes at the check-point at the University of Washington football stadium wanted to confiscate my knitting when we attended our granddaughter’s gradation ceremony! Bah! What the??? I wouldn’t let them take the kntiting. I made the numbskull get someone who’s over him. Good Gravy. A university football stadium has the same security measures that an airline does…

But it goes to show you…not everyone is knowledgeable about the CAN’s and CANNOT’s of carry-ons…

PS: I was able to bring my knitting inside the stadium. And I never did knit a single stitch!