Going crazy to figure his pattern out!

Hi everyone! I am going crazy trying to find out this pattern. Everyone here at the yarn stores have tried and tried to figure this out and we are all stuck. I purchased this in New Zealand from a Saturday market where a lady was selling her hand knitted items. I ask her what stitch this is and from my memory, I thought she said knit the purls and purl the knits, well that is the seed stitch and that’s not it. One side it looks like ribbing but the other side is totally different.
We have looked at the Brioche Stitch but that’s not it either. If anyone has any idea, please please help!! If you want pictures to see the detail, let me know and I will be glad to email it to you…
Thanks so much!!

Can’t see much in your tiny pics, but it sounds a bit like Broken Rib which does look like rib in front, and a bit like seed st in back.

Thanks much Jints…I couldn’t get the pictures to upload any bigger…if I can send them to you directly I will be glad to and I will try the broken rib…there doesn’t appear to be any purl stitches in this but then again it’s hard to figure this one out…

Another really nice stitch might be;
row 1, knit 1 slip 1, repeat
row 2, purl this row.
I don’t know what it’s called but it knits up as a nice warm sweater. It does take more yarn but you could try a swatch… good luck.

Thanks Mazie for the suggestion and I will give it a try!! I am always looking for new patterns and an excuse to start a new project!