Goin to Knitch again

Anyone interested in meeting at Knitch sometime this weekend? I can’t say exactly when yet, but probably sometime on Saturday.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning to go visit my sister in Atlanta and she has promised me another trip to Knitch. :cheering:

I’ll check back soon to see if anyone wants to make it a date. :teehee:

I want to go!!! :happydance:

[I]you’re going to the knitch here in illinois, right? :shifty:[/I]

Silver - that is my favorite yarn store!! Would love to meet you there but am swamped with all of the last minute Christmas to do’s! Enjoy the shop- they have some lovely Kureyon Sock Yarn & Lotus Sock Yarn in stock. Next time you’re in ATL, I’d love to meet you there. It’s my home away from home. :slight_smile:
BTW- they have a knitting group there tonight as well as on Sunday- might be a fun time to go and sit at the table & knit.

I’m at my sisters now. We’re going tomorrow for sure. I hope someone can come meet me!!! :slight_smile: Sorry for the quick mssg … I’m on my iPod.


I’m typing from my iPod Touch which has wi-fi. :slight_smile: like a real tiny laptop.

Totally derailing your thread but I got mine! It is the best!!! :thumbsup:

:rofl: Yeah I got that, but what is Knitch? I assume it’s a yarn store, but don’t know anything about it.

Yay Kristin!!! I trust my encouraging review helped to convince him! LOL Dont you luv it?

Mason, yes Knitch is a yarn shop in Atlanta… a very cool yarn shop. You should make it a stop next time youre in Atlanta. :slight_smile:

Cool, next time I have some down time around Hotlanta I’ll look them up. Thanks.

Cool. BTW, luv your new avatar. Hotness.

Well after all that, i didn’t even get to go. My sister had to finish xmas shopping, so we were stuck in mall traffic all day!! :frowning:

Awww, that’s a bummer.

I love Knitsch. The last time I was in Atlanta visiting my brother I got to go there - the store is just a couple of minutes from his house. I bought some beautiful yarn there to make a purse with that I donated to the local elementary school auction fundraiser. The owner of the shop won the purse in the auction so she could use it as a sample. Of course I sent her the pattern too…So if you see my purse when you are there say hi to it for me!

Well, looks like you’ll just have to make another trip!:slight_smile: