Goddess stitch markers

Anyone every try these? I think they’re really nice. As soon as I get some money…


Hi! I’ve been using the stitch markers I received free with the Knitting magazine from Britain, and love them. They have enough weight to them that they don’t flip off. (and fall down the boards of the deck!) I’ve been making them, too, to sell in the lys. There are sites to show you how. samm

Ooooh, I likey!

p.s. you’re reading one of my favorite books - are you liking it?

Those are cute!

OMG they’re WONDERFUL - maybe I’ll steal the idea and make my own? :smiley:

waves to femmy - long time no see

Those are real cute!

Those are great! I love the glass! They remind me of some a friend did a while back… curious things out of fimo/sculpey I think, with a spiral over the womb. I think she must have had the aid of a magnifying glass - I’d have gone blind trying to make them, myself. She patterned them after a statue she’d bought for her altar.

Just finished. It was my riding on the excercise book, really kept me going. I just love everything she writes. She’s so funny and sad yet true YKWIM?

Yup, I know whatcha mean and totally agree.