Go me!

This is my first ever thread!!!

Ok, so that is not why I am so pleased with myself.

I have been working on a Dark Mark Illusion scarf for the last couple of months and I finally got to the end of chart 2 only to find a mistake about 5 rows back. :waah:

Frog time :frog:, but I’m really bad at going back entire rows because I can never get all the stitches back on the needle. Cross stitch to the rescue, my cross stitch kit lives under my bed and is full of tapestry needles and spare bits of thread. I searched for how to insert a lifeline into an already knitted row and decided to be brave and give it a go…

10 minutes later my scarf is fixed and I’m feeling pretty darn good! :woot:

So I thought I’d post a thread about it knowing that you guys will appreciate how big a deal it is to do these things for the first time and realise that you can actually do them!!!


now i’m [I]definitely [/I]going to have to learn how to do that. i’m horrible with frogging. i’m not even that good at tinking. all it takes is having to completely frog a 99st hat that’s a good 4" from the co edge to make ya nervous about any kind of sorta big project (i.e. anything with a pattern). or maybe that’s just me. :teehee:

congrats on getting it!!! :balloons:[SIZE=“1”] (i hope it’s contagious. ;))[/SIZE]

:woot: Way to go!

I suppose technically what I did was the trick where you put a needle into the row you want to frog back to but I did it with a tapestry needle and thread so it looked like a lifeline to me. Anyway, whatever I did I’m glad I did it!

:cheering:Way to go! I still have trouble with frogging back to the right place–its tricky!

Isn’t it wonderful when you figure something like that out? Good for you!

It doesn’t matter the “technical” name of what you did, just that it worked! I was casting on “wrong” for about a year. But it worked, so whatever! way to go with advancing skills!:muah: