Go home or stay at work?

I hate that feeling when you’re sick, but feel too guilty about going home…

I’ve been having on and off stomach problems since Saturday… I think there’s nothing left to make me have to run off to the bathroom, so that has finally stopped. However, I’m dizzy, queasy, weak and generally tired. Yesterday I had a low-grade fever, but I don’t know about right now. I can work (I’m at a callcenter, just monitoring calls tonight)… it’s just going so incredibly slow and I really just don’t feel good.
I feel sooooo guilty about even thinking about leaving. On one hand I feel I am obligated to stay since I’m salaried and will be paid either way. However, this is my ninth day straight and I’m completely exhausted. I also have to try to make it through tomorrow before I get a day off. (Ten straight)

Would you stay or go home? I’m probably not contagious, so it will not affect anyone else. I’m not doing anything critical, so I won’t be letting anyone down… just wanting another opinion or two or three…

Thanks all!

I think you should go home. Really with having a fever in the last twenty four hours you could very well be contagious. In school the kids can’t come back until they have been fever free for twenty four hours with out the aid of meds. Besides if you feel bad you will feel better just resting.


Youve been working NINE days straight WHILE sick?

Did I read that right?

:ick: Go home and sleep. You need it.

Having just had one of those icky tummy issues last week, I know it wears you out.


Hubby gets frustrating… I guess that’s why I harassed y’all. Called him to tell him I was thinking about going home, and he said I needed to try eating some crackers and ginger ale to see if it helps before I should try to go home. I suppose it won’t hurt anything, and it will probably help the dizziness a little, so I’m nibbling on some peanut butter crackers. If that makes it worse or it doesn’t help, I’m outta here… then I will have made it about 2/3 of the way through my shift (only required to work half to get paid all of it) so at least it will be known that I made an effort rather than just giving up, which won’t hurt.

If I were your boss, I’d insist that you go home. If you’re dizzy, you certainly should be at home. Just be careful getting there.


Driving while dizzy is a scary proposition. Is there any way DH can come get you so you don’t have to drive?

Let us know you made it home safely! :pray:


Got home and managed to get a paid day off (not sick day) tomorrow… so I have several days to recover… thank goodness. I’m eating plain mashed potatoes right now… they’re doing ok

Glad you made it home and hope you feel better soon!!

Ack! Glad you made it home ok!
Tummy troubles are never fun at work, and I know that when I’m exhausted or sick I might as well go home because whatever I try to do ends up getting messed up anyway.
hope you feel better:muah:

I’m glad you went home and are okay. (I’d be at home too!)

:hug: Glad you got home ok. Hope you are feeling better soon! It certainly is no fun having stomach “problems” while at work.