I’m not interested in crocheting, but I thought this was cute so I thought I’d share it with you. :wink:

Oh, that would be cute as a Santa, wouldn’t it?

There is a Santa, and a Snowman, Penguin, and several other Holiday ones on their site…

Very cute - all of them!:heart:

Oh, those are cute, too. Thanks for pointing out their other holiday ones. I like the snowman a lot.

<<-- Partial to penguins myself…:slight_smile:

Anyway… thought this was interesting…

Oh, I love that Nativity! I saw a pattern for a knitted one recently, but this one is even cuter!

Thanks for sharing.
(I’m partial to penguins, too)

I actually bought a crochet kit for a a gnome off of etsy that I made for my sister - it turned out so neat!

Crocheting toys are one of my favorite things to do! :smiley: