Does anybody have it? Do you like it? Is it like yahoo?

Better than Yahoo. Sleeker, cleaner, more user friendly. Luv Gmail.

Do you need an invite? I only have 86 left! :teehee:

Love it, best thing out there. You can search through your mail just like you’d Google-search anything else, love gmail chat, love being able to sign into AIM via gmail while I’m at work, tons of space, spam filters are great, LOVE it. Do it!

I think it’s out of beta so anyone can sign up now. Go for it.

I really like Gmail. I’ve had it for quite some time now and I find it to be very easy to use…I really like the chat option as well.

I’ve had Gmail for about four years now and out of all of the email providers I have had (hotmail, excite, yahoo, and some others that I can’t remember) it is definitely my favorite. it archives your mail for you but it stays easy to find because you get to google search for it (it doesn’t make your email public, it just googles through your archives).

Through gmail you can set up a page that has all your favorite RSS feeds, bringing everything you need to your homepage. Plus, you can get gmail alerts–a little icon lights up whenever you have mail

I would definitely recommend it. You don’t need an invite anymore, you can just sign up.

Cool. I have a yahoo and I hate it. We’re military, so getting email addresses through local providers sucks. I want one I don’t have to keep changing. This sounds like it might be it.

yep, it’s out of beta. the only thing i don’t like about gmail is how they use labels instead of folders. you can attach labels to your messages as a way of keeping them organized, but they all still stay in your inbox. i like folders because they keep the number of messages in your inbox down so it’s easier to find a message that you haven’t “organized.” oh well. i guess it can’t be perfect.

well, all you have to do is click “archive” and then it’s out of your inbox and filed


[SIZE=“1”]now i feel really silly. :teehee: [/SIZE]

no problem! it took me a while to figure out too

I’ve got it and love it. It’s user-friendly. I’d recommend it

Another benefit over yahoo! is that Gmail fully supports POP3, so if you prefer to have an e-mail reader like Outlook or Thunderbird on your home computer, you can, and still get to it online from anywhere.

Gmail is wonderful. It’s all I use, I set up my ISP email to foward to gmail so It’s the only place mail goes.

I love gmail too! :cheering: I started using it about 4 years ago, and it is by far my favorite. All my mail from other accounts (including yahoo) is forwarded to my gmail. You also have a calendar, you can write/read documents, and share them with other users. I also use the chat a lot. Sign up and try it! :thumbsup:

I’ve had gmail since you had to have an invitation from Google directly (before they would let users invite people) I’ve watched it expand and grow and turn into a truly unique piece of mastery! It’s really cool and I used to send in feedback surveys every few weeks about new additions. I don’t even know how I ended up getting the initial invite. I’ve been enamoured with Google since they first arrived on the scene. I LOVE gmail!

I love Gmail too and I have all my email forwarded to it.

The labels are my favorite part! I like to leave recent stuff in my inbox, and I can use the labels to delete the old ones when new ones come in. (I get a lot of newsletter and sale updates.)

You can also put multiple labels on email – some of mine have three or four – so I can sort them and search for them in whatever way seems the easiest at the time!

I went ahead and signed up. There are so many features!

I signed up a few months ago but haven’t used it much yet.

I just started gmail a few months ago. Had Yahoo mail for years, and got so tired of all the spam, so I switched. That is the biggest and best difference for me. With gmail, no spam (yet!).

don’t worry. your spam folder won’t be bored for long. :wink: