Gmail addys available

I was talking to Kelly and it reminded me… I don’t know if Gmail is publicly available yet, but I have a TON of free invites if anyone would like to have one. If you haven’t heard of it it’s email from Google. I use it for forum communication. It’s the only email my daughters use now and I know several people who use it now as their main email.

If you’d like to have one send me an email to (email removed) (take out the spaces… Gotta try and foil the spambots) and I’ll send you one.

Wow… I got like a 100 invites… Did you notice that they now have a google IM or something like that?

Yes, I did. I have always used ICQ or AOL IM, but I don’t talk much on them anymore. Might have to try the new one though.

Did you know that gmail offered the 1 Gig account before hotmail or yahoo switched to a larger account? I have a gmail account and enjoy it as well. And yes, they have an IM, but I haven’t tried it. I only use Yahoo. If someone wants to give it a try though, I’ll put it on my comp for a “test” chat.

I’ve always used MSN or AOL IM… I stopped using Yahoo because basically I just kept getting IM’s from random people and it was bugging me. And plus I got alot of spam mail. MSN is something I like and so is AOL IM…

I’ve been wanting to try the new messanger. Looks nice.

I have a ton of invites too…I think 100 on each account and I have 3 gmail addresses.

I don’t do the chat thing much but have you guys tried Trillian?

It combines AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC into one chat program. It works great and it’s much nicer to have one program for all of them instead of several going at the same time.

i have gmail as well. i love the simplicty of it and how it organizes email into “conversations”

also have gtalk…again…simple…no bells and whistles…just plain old chat…

love it

i have used gtalk minimally…only one of my chat buddies has it. decent…like was said, no bells and whistles but it serves the purpose. i do have a gmail account but never use it. mostly because my friends would kill me if i give them another e-mail account. technically i have over 70 though most of them are just work accounts and i have a separate email address for each of our websites at my part time job.

personal accounts though i have a bunch and I think Dustina can confirm that most get lost in trying to remember which one to mail to! :wink:

It’s handy to have different ones though. Since outlook can check and sort any pop3 mail it makes keeping seperate things…seperate. I tend to use my main home email for friends and shopping online and I have a couple of “junk” ones for places where an email address is needed so any spam will end up in an account I don’t really check.

well i had one that i LOVED…very basic but it always ran a little advertising banner at the bottom of each e-mail. very unobtrusive banner but it was there and with the money that they got paid for the banners they were buying up land in the amazon rain forests. used them for a few years until one day i started getting nailed with spam. and since i never gave that address to anybody but friends and well trusted sources i KNEW it somehow had to come through the provider somehow. i finally came to the conclusion that the server hosts had sold the e-mail addresses. and i have never been able to effectively use that e-mail since. since it only got money for e-mails that were actually opened it didn’t do the rain forest any good cuz i went from 2 spam mails a month to over 200 a week…almost overnight. i was on their site recently though and it appears they had a massive meltdown and lost EVERYTHING so they are starting over. maybe it will be better handled now. shrug

there is a new program out there called blue security where you can sign up for it and whenever you get a spam message forward it to them. when you send it they send a polite cease and desist message and if it continues then they bombard their servers. basically they send a message, one at a time, from each of their subscribers (they provide you with a kind of dummy e-mail address so it isn’t coming from your home address) again asking them to cease and desist until their servers are brother to their knees. Not sure how well it is working at this point but i think it is a genius idea…hopefully it does work!

i usually just use yahoo and aol now, but ive always had hotmail and google. Im trying google talk right now if anyone cares to chat - humble.stumble

i have some gmails too lol

I have 3 for junk and then one main one that I use all the time which is with yahoo… there for awhile I was changing addys like crazy and so was Brendajos :lol: Brendajos half the time i still guess as to which one I send it to :roflhard: just close my eyes and let the mouse choose she has ALOT!!!