GMA says no White Christmas

I had to laugh at the Good Morning America weather report this morning. First, they show a map saying that Wisconsin isn’t going to get a White Christmas. Next, they show a big snow storm in Wausau, Wisconsin. I’m looking out my window and seeing white stuff outside, people. Maybe you boys call it something different in New York? Who actually checks programming for content before they broadcast stupid things like that?

LOL! I’ve learned to expect just the opposite of what any weatherman says. :shrug: EXCEPT during hurricane season: then any idiot down here could tell you there will be lots and lots of rain plus wind.:nails:

Like you I bemoan the loss of copyeditors! :gah:

Here in Lakeland FL we did not have a White Christmas. We had a green and hot day, temperature is in the low 80’s with a humidity level of 53% which makes it seem warmer.

All I can say is if you enjoy lying and not being held accountable, you have two fields open to you: weather forecasting and politics!

A few weeks ago some idiot weather forecaster here in Texas said we would absolutely have NO MORE snow in Texas this winter. A few days later he was eating his words (or should have been).

And then there are the two men who make the forecast for hurricane season every year. They finally decided to quit making these predictions. Why? Because they’ve been wrong for [U]20 years[/U]!

Quick! Get those two weathermen away from the other forecasters–some of their honesty might wear off and contaminate those lying fools!

And this is why I have [B]no faith[/B] in the global warming brouhaha! I realize weather is different from climate, but these “scientists” don’t even know what’s going to happen next week, let alone 15 years from now!

It snowed all night and this was our weather at 8 this morning:

DH felt it necessary to see if our snowblower still works:

We are not amused:

We didn’t have snow in VA :cry: for Christmas. I would say I miss living in upstate NY, but I am not sure they had snow either.
As for weathermen, I always laugh at our local guys b/c they will get on the TV in the morning and talk about there is a “chance” of rain so better take an umbrella to work and it is pouring so hard that I am drenched after walking the dog. I always think…um did you look out the window lately?