Since I’m still not that talented in knitting, I’m making finger less gloves, Thought that wold be super easy, The pattern calls for a 7mm but I only have a 9. SO I’m hoping it will turn out ok. The pattern is pretty.:shrug: :shrug:

Enjoy knitting the fingerless gloves! You’ll get better and better with each project.
You might have to adjust the number of sts because of the larger needle size. That should become apparent, if necessary after you’ve knit several rows.
What pattern are you using?

If you knit with larger needles the gloves may turn out a bit larger than written. Perhaps more important is to have the proper needle size for the yarn you are using so your stitches aren’t too loose or too tight.

curious if you meant 7mm/9mm, or if you meant size 7/size 9?

7mm is just over size 10.5
9mm is size 13
these are farther apart in scale

size 7 is 4.5mm
size 9 is 5.5mm
these are closer in scale

if you meant size, then the mm diam isn’t that far off. you could just eliminate a few stitches as salmonmac suggested (if there’s a small pattern repeat, maybe just delete one of the repeats?). or if the pattern has a small/medium/large sizing, you could do medium instead of large, since you’ll be using larger needles which already makes a looser/bigger fabric. always lots of wiggle room. good luck! :wink:

Eyelet Mock Cable Ribbing Stitch
it called for a US 7