Hi everyone,

I am a total novice and need help please! I have a glove pattern which says :
[B]Divide for thumb:[/B]
1st row K 37 st and turn
2nd row P14 st and turn
3rd row cast on 1 st, k cast on st then k 14.
4th row purl 15 sts.
Work 12 rows in stst starting with a k row.

I had 54 sts to start with.
I have done as instructed for the 1st row k 37 and turned my knitting around to start row 2
Then I purled 14 st and turned.
The problem is it now tells me to cast on then knit 14 sts. If I do this I will still have stitches left to knit. Should it say turn at the end of row 3?
Very confused - would appreciate any help :knitting:

Yes, turn at the end of row 3 and again at the end of row 4. You’re just working on the thumb sts now and for the next 12 rows. You’ll get back to the other sts which make up the hand part of the glove later, once the thumb is finished.

Thank you so much for your help - much appreciated!!!:hug: