Ok, I am making a pair of gloves out of the book Hats Gloves Scarves (by Louisa Harding) on page 92. Anyway, the first 25 rows are k2p2 ribbing then there is a decrease row then there are 34 rows of stripe pattern. At the bottom of the stripe pattern there is the following "Beginning with a K row, work first four rowa of stripe pattern in st st."
Now it doesn’t say if I go back to the ribbing or continue in st st. I have tried to look at the pictures of the gloves, but they are either too far away or not clear enough to see what the pattern is. If anyone has any ideas what I am supposed to do I will be eternally greatful!:slight_smile:

I don’t have this book, but I’ve never seen gloves that have ribbing, st st, and then ribbing again.

I’d guess that the ribbing is for the wrist and the rest is in stockinette.

Thanks Ingrid!
I figured the same thing, but the book is so unclear I figured I would ask the experts!